Tuesday, October 19

The private initiative to develop the Villena logistics zone reinforces the implementation of the dry port

Meeting of the members of the business platform that defends the location of the dry port in Villena.

Meeting of the members of the business platform that defends the location of the dry port in Villena.

The Business Platform Nodo Levante Interior applauds the commitment of the merchant ECHO XXI after announcing its intention to develop the project of Logistics Activities Zone of Villena. An action that will cover an area of ​​700,000 square meters for the logistics sector next to the Bulilla industrial estate, and will involve a private capital investment of between 1.5 and 3 million euros plus the value of the land.

The Villena group of businessmen considers that the news, which the City Council announced last week, means a strong boost to locate in the capital of Alto Vinalopó one of the dry ports of the Mediterranean Corridor in the province. “Villena is the most suitable location”, Says one of the members of the work team of the business platform, Jorge Garcia. “This has been made clear in documents of the Ministry of Development, of the Generalitat Valenciana and now, it is the private company that is putting the project on the table to make the logistics node a reality, ”says García.

On the other hand, Antonio Martinez, another member of the group, points out that “the Generalitat Valenciana indicated a few months ago that at the beginning of the year we would have news about the location of the dry port” and adds that “we hope they do not take too long to make the decision and that your bet is Villena as the private company has already done. Now is the time to work and that is why we need Valencia to locate the dry port in Villena in order to avoid more speculation ”. It should be remembered that Novelda and Elda are also applying to achieve this railway infrastructure of the Mediterranean Corridor.

The news of the appearance of a company that plans and develops the Logistics Activities Zone has been a great revulsive for the platform. In this sense, Elena Escrivá assures that “we are knocking on the doors of entrepreneurs and business organizations in the l’Alcoià area who see the project with very good eyes and this news will strengthen them more when making the decision to join the Nodo Levante Business Platform Interior, which is fighting for the dry port to be located in Villena ”. Escrivá adds that “the construction of the intermodal station in Villena it would be an accolade not only for the Alto y Medio Vinalopó but also for the Foia de Castalla and l’Alcoià ”.

The Inland Levante Logistics Node It is designed with a planning in an area of ​​approximately 1.5 million square meters, configured by the Bulilla business park in service, the new Logistics Activities Zone, the intermodal terminal and specialized services zone. The studies that Villena has commissioned in recent times confirm that there will be an average potential demand for logistics land in the Valencian Community of 1,600 hectares in the coming years. Today, the logistics industry is one of the engines of the Spanish economy, assuming 8% of GDP at the end of 2019, with a turnover of 110,000 million, 213,000 jobs and 15,000 companies.


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