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The Professional Association of Non-commissioned Officers protests “against the attempt to tarnish the image of the military”




The Professional Association of NCOs of the Armed Forces (ASFASPRO) has issued this Sunday, coinciding with Constitution Day, a press release in which they have valued the work of “professional Armed Forces worthy of a democratic state.” For this reason, the association describes as “unfair” that “some malicious and unhappy personal views of former military retirees for one or several decades they have occupied a media space that they do not deserve ”, thus dirtying the image of the Army.

“The behavior and good work of the men and women who make up the Armed Forces has been demonstrated countless times, especially throughout the pandemic we are suffering,” they defend, praising “a behavior that accredits them for what they are, some Worthy Military Professionals and Citizens of a Western Democratic Society ». “At this point, the military do not need to make a constitutional profession of faith. Compliance with constitutional order is practiced every day in all the barracks in Spain and wherever Spanish troops are deployed. Any hint of doubt only means ignorance and ignorance “, they emphasize.

These days, the Armed Forces have been peppered by the controversial WhatsApp chat in which several retired soldiers even spoke of the need to shoot 26 million Spaniards. For ASFASPRO, it is “unfair” that “malicious and unfortunate personal opinions of some retirees who were in the military one or several decades ago occupy a media space that they do not deserve and that from certain areas it is intended to dirty the image of the Armed Forces.” They add it to the attempt to hang on them “the sanbenito of reactionaries and those belonging to another retrograde regime”, something that also seems “vile” to them.

For the Professional Association of Non-commissioned Officers, all this responds to “a smokescreen” to cover “the failure of the current Military Career Law and, especially, the paltry and extremely poor salaries received by the military.” “This is the sad reality,” they insist, adding: “There are those who do not like that the military vindicate our legitimate rights and still question it. They bargain for us at the slightest occasion, and it has had to be the courts who have made it clear: […] we have the right to demonstrate. With a banner and in the street, of course.

“False good words in exchange for sacrifice”

In the statement, ASFASPRO is very critical that no progress has been made in improving their working conditions despite the fact that the Congressional Defense Commission, with the support of all the parties, urged it. «Other comparable groups, which were already better than the military then, have seen their monthly payroll improved by between € 500 and € 600. We are happy for them, but we are outraged that for us there have only been false good words in exchange for sacrifice and effort. For some money is consigned in the budgets, for others an abominable shadow of undemocratic suspicion is artificially created »they argue.

For this reason, from the association they assure that they will celebrate 42 years of the Constitution by exercising two of the rights that are included in it, that of assembly and that of demonstration, and will take to the streets of eleven Spanish cities next Saturday 12 of December. They seek to claim “what the military of democracy” do not consider they have: “A career and a decent salary”.

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