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The promoter of the Posada del Parejo demands from Torrevieja 246,000 euros by limiting the number of heights

Patrimi assures that he acquired the site considering that it had a low buildable area, four floors and an attic -that is, six heights-, but the City Council when evaluating the major work license and after consulting the Consell, reported against indicating that the maximum allowed there were five: ground floor, three floors and an attic. Based on the negative opinion of the CJC, the local government board decided last Friday to reject the patrimonial claim, although the spokesman for the government team Federico Alarcón (PP) almost assumed that the promoter will claim in court, even assuming that it will win the contentious one, which would imply the payment of an indemnification of the Consistory and consequently of the neighbors of Torrevieja.

The company bought the historic property for 1,130,000 euros in December 2015, which is in a regrettable state of preservation despite the protection measures ordered by the company. The buildability forecast was made by adjusting to the urban certificate requested from the City Council before making the purchase, for informational and non-administrative purposes only, in which, due to an error, a total of 5 heights were indicated broken down into ground floor, four floors and attic, when the five heights actually correspond according to the PGOU with a ground floor, three floors and an attic.

The company then set out to draw up a project on the building cataloged with the “extra cost”, he assures in his appeal, “of having to undertake” measures to comply with the dangerous order decreed on the facade of a property that, 12 months After its purchase, he saw a part of the interior structure fall, in addition to “studying a building viability while respecting the protected facade.”

When it requested the major work license in 2017 for ten homes, the same Urban Planning area reported that the buildable area was on the ground floor, three floors and attic, lower than the buildability that the company had interpreted, rejecting the granting of the license because the project had been drawn up for a building with a larger volume.

The company, specialized in real estate development and aware of the height limitations in the city center, affirms that the municipality gave the plot a much higher market value in its initial certificate – the one that served to establish the purchase price -, than reflected in his rejection of the license.

Patrimi values ​​the reduction in the market value of this “reinterpretation that he has no obligation to bear” at 175,303.36 euros, “plus the added cost of Technicians and Projects, College Visas, and graphic and advertising material for the promotion, which amounts to 70,881 euros “. An advertisement that exploits the “historical” character of the property, now in a lamentable state of conservation.

The Legal Council points out that the real estate company had sufficient information in the Torrevieja PGOU and in the certificate that it requested before the purchase “which amply clarifies the contradiction that – presumably – could generate the material error regarding the number of heights indicated”.

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Consolidation scaffolding of the facade of the Posada del Parejo in Torrevieja
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