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The promoters of the Ensanche Levante de Benidorm plan estimate the investment to develop the sector at 570 million

The development of the Ensanche Levante Plan, the urban project with which the largest pocket of land that still remains “virgin” in Benidorm will be developed, will require an investment of about €570 million, according to its promoters, an Urban Interest Grouping (AIU) made up of most of the landowners in the Armanello district.

The urbanization of this sector will put an end once and for all to the degradation that has dragged on for more than two decades the old Benidorm orchard area, which now with the PP 1/1 will become an extension of the urban planning of Levante, characterized by tall buildings that free up large areas for public facilities, roads and green areas.

The processing of the Plan has reached a crucial point after favorably passing the opinions of various organizations of the local and regional administrations.

The project foresees the development of a total of 56 hectares (560,000 square meters), which will change the appearance of a part of the tourist capital of the Costa Blanca, attached to the Levante area, a stone’s throw from its most emblematic beach, and capable of housing modern residential buildings and hotels in sufficient number to cover the needs of municipalities for decades.

Not surprisingly, it provides for the construction of up to 20 new hotels, 1,564 tourist homes and 782 residential floors, in skyscrapers up to 20 stories high

Sources from the urban interest group have explained that the amount of the investment is reached after thorough studies on the economic viability of the project, which determine that Ensanche Levante is “viable”.

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These studies indicate urbanization costs of between 50 and 70 million euros, to which must be added the cost of building hotels, residential buildings and commercial spaces, which rises to another 500 million euros.

In the previous studies, both the costs and the expected income are calculated, which gives rise to a positive rate of return, a parameter on which business groups around the world focus when deciding investments.

Two years for the machines to enter

The partial plan is currently pending the latest opinions of the Generalitat Valenciana, which will be followed by its final approval by the City Council, a fact that is expected to occur throughout this year 2022.

After that, we will proceed to write the urbanization project and subdivision, so that in 2023 the urbanization could begin, which will allow the entry of the machines in 2024 to start erecting buildings.

One of the first conclusions drawn from the planning document is that the proposed action will be sufficient to cover all the lack of facilities in the area, reserving up to 175,000 square meters for green areas and facilities, and another 21,000 meters for educational use, on which the buildings necessary for the schooling of the future population can be erected.

When the plan completes its development, Benidorm will enjoy an authentic green lung of more than 170,000 square meters, to which will be added the parks and gardens inside the urbanizations and hotels that are built, according to a project that is faithful to the characteristic philosophy of the internationally recognized urban model of Benidorm, and on the other hand, to the new policy sustainable and smart urban development.

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The Benidorm City Council positively values ​​the planning proposed by the Urban Interest Group, according to these same sources, which indicate that for the mayor of Urban Planning, Lourdes Caselles, it is “a plan that reflects the spirit of urban planning in Benidorm” .

It arrives, in a serious and definitive way, to the planning of the Levante area of ​​Benidorm, with modern and functional buildings, “and with spaces for commercial use and restoration that give life to the municipalities, around an immense green area”, emphasizes the mayor.

The developers also point out that, for the City Council, it is “particularly interesting that Ensanche Levante maintains the so-called ‘Benidorm model’, defined by high-rise buildings, and which has been shown to be the most environmentally sustainable, with considerable energy savings that are valued ”.

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