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The prosecution opens two cases against Trump for tax crimes

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The New York prosecutor’s office has begun to notify the company and familiares de Donald Trump that they are under investigation for alleged tax crimes, and they have required reports for the investigation of both cases, one by civil and another by criminal. There are several pending cases that Trump has for when he leaves the White House, a time when he will lose immunity and will have to be held accountable in court for possible crimes committed before or after his term, but not during it. The president has stated in the past that he does not rule out pardon yourself preemptively.

The Attorney General of New York, the Democrat Letitia James, has required the Trumps’ family business to record payment records for Ivanka Trump’s consultancy and advice. According to some documents revealed by the newspaper «The New York Times», Ivanka was paid by her own company $ 747,000 (640,000 euros) in a single year for some consulting work for two real estate projects, and then presented the expense as tax deductions. Reporting countless such expenses, Trump deducted tens of millions of dollars on his tax returns.

Ivanka Trump reacted angrily on Twitter upon learning of that injunction. This ‘investigation’ by the New York Democrats is 100% motivated by politics, publicity and anger. They know very well that there is nothing here and that there was no tax benefit. These politicians are simply ruthless, “said the daughter of the president and special adviser without pay in the White House in that social network. These tax returns include very generous allowances for all kinds of expenses, including family homes, private jets, and even golf courses.

In parallel, the Manhattan district attorney, also a Democrat Cyrus Vance, has required the Trump company several documents in which these deductions appear, as revealed on Thursday by the “Times”. This other case, unlike that of the New York attorney general, is proceeding through criminal proceedings. In both cases, the public prosecutor investigates an alleged tax evasion by the president and his companies. At the center of the investigations is a tax relief of $ 26 million for consultancies, including those of Ivanka.

According to the tax returns prior to when he entered the White House, leaked to the media, from 2000 to 2017 Trump owed $ 95 million, but almost 73 million could be deducted at the federal level. Those documents list other allowances for $ 21 million in state and local taxes in New York. The main conclusion is that the current president’s income tax return was returned in 10 of those years, and in 2016 and 2017 he paid just $ 750 per year.


Both cases have been opened after the leaks of Trump’s income statements in the North American press and the revelations of the president’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, who has collaborated with the prosecution to report possible cases of tax fraud, including the use of campaign money to silence a pornographic actress. Trump is also pending the lawsuit of two women who accuse him of sexual assault and defamation. So far the president has mobilized the resources of the prosecution to defend himself against lawsuits of this type, something that he will not be able to continue doing when he leaves power. He has also denounced his uncle Mary Trump for unfair distribution of the family inheritance.

The president is the first in decades not to make his tax returns public, under the excuse that they are under tax inspection. The Supreme Court has ruled on several occasions that the president cannot be tried for crimes allegedly committed in the presidency, but before or after. Furthermore, constitutional law experts maintain that he cannot be benched for these other offenses while in office.

In 2018 the president, talking about pardons to which the president is entitled, said in public that he has “every right” to do so with himself, something unprecedented in US history In office, the president has already pardoned 28 people, including the Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona.

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