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The prosecutor asks for 23 years in prison from the accused of killing a young man with five shots

The accused of the crime, when he was arrested and brought to justice at the end of 2018 in Alicante. | Rama Jones

The cause of the 27-year-old murdered of five shots in November 2018 after an argument in the Virgen Del Carmen neighborhood of Alicante has arrived at the Provincial Court to try the accused of the crime, another young man facing a request from the Public Prosecutor for 23 years in prison for the crimes of murder and illegal possession of weapons. The officially accused has not acknowledged his guilt, despite the fact that when she turned herself in to the police, she did verbally admit her to an agent.

The case will be tried by a popular jury in a few months, although before the Hearing has to rule on a request made by the defendant’s defense, the lawyer Miguel ÁngelCanvasas, so that the nullity of the telephone interventions is agreed. According to the National Police, in these wiretaps the accused acknowledges having committed the crime.

In addition to the jail sentence, the Prosecutor’s Office asks that the defendant be sentenced to pay 300,000 euros of compensation to the victim’s partner as legal representative of the two minor children of the deceased, and 120,000 euros to the mother of the murdered young man.

Although the discussion between the victim and the alleged murderer was witnessed by several people, fear of possible reprisals prevented the National Police from obtaining a formal statement to incriminate the accused, a young man who is currently 25 years old and has a criminal record. The investigators only obtained the testimony of a young man who claimed to have seen how the now accused and the victim argued and challenged him to a fight. However, this witness did not confirm his version when he testified in Examining Court number 4 and assured that he did not see anything.

According to the indictment of the Prosecutor’s Office, the events occurred around one o’clock in the morning of November 18, 2018 at the Senador Alberto Pérez Ferré street in Alicante. The defendant José EG, 23 years old on the day of the events, was in that street, very close to his home, when he met Cristian, a 27-year-old young man, and began “a strong argument for unknown reasons.”

Then, “guided by the intention of ending Cristian’s life,” the defendant went up to his home to grab a 7.65-mm caliber semiautomatic pistol with a modified barrel and hurried down to the street. He approached Cristian and after pointing at him without being able to defend himself “he fired a shot under the sternum and while Cristián fell to the ground he shot him again in the chest near the left shoulder,” according to the prosecution of the Public Ministry.

Once he was lying on the ground with two shots, he still shot him three more times, two of them in the head and another in the right cervical region, according to the Prosecutor’s Office. The Police considered a sixth shot that did not hit the victim.

The young Cridied ofd from the shooting and his partner, with whom he already had a daughter, was pregnant at the time of his death.

The accused of the crime is in provisional prison Since November 22, 2018 and the investigations of the Violent Crime Unit (UDEV) of the Provincial Brigade of Judicial Police of Alicante on the murder led a few months later to the dismantling of a drug trafficking plot that operated in prison from Fontcalent, Alicante and San Vicente. Eleven people were arrested, including the prisoner accused of the crime for allegedly selling drugs to other inmates of Fontcalent.

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