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The prosecutor insists on the conviction of Isa Serra for his “aggressiveness” in the eviction that resulted in two injured officers




The prosecutor of the Supreme Court Carmelo Quintana has requested this Wednesday to the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme to confirm the sentence imposed on the number two of Podemos, Isa Serra, for attack against the authority, injuries and damages in connection with his opposition to an eviction on January 31, 2014 in Madrid. Consider that the leader of the purple formation had a notable and significant role in the incidents that they resulted in two wounded municipal officers and that their conduct was “aggressive.”

Up to five municipal agents agreed that Serra “had the upper hand”, was “instigator” of the incidents violent acts that carried out the group that tried to paralyze the eviction of the house, said the prosecutor before the court chaired by Manuel Marchena. In addition, it has refuted the defense argument that it is not true that blunt objects were thrown at the officers. “A wool hat or a sock does not cause injuries,” said Quintana, who recalled that one of the municipal agents needed medical treatment and an extended period of time for their recovery. In his opinion, the evidence on which the judgment of the Madrid Supreme Court that convicted Serra is based is “sufficiently valued in a logical and rational way,” with which there is no violation of the presumption of innocence of the Podemos leader.

Previously Serra’s lawyer, Daniel Amelang, had questioned the policemen’s testimonies who participated in the eviction and who related the attacks as well as the police report that led to the conviction of seven people for these acts. The procedure against Serra had to be split from that one because when she became a regional deputy, she was registered in the Madrid Supreme Court.

The lawyer has indicated that the initial report the agents did not mention what happened outside the evicted property and that “curiously” It was days later that these incidents were reported and the reconnaissance began photographic.

The lawyer has denied that the protesters threw blunt objects at the agents and did “slippers, fruit, a woolen hat, a newspaper.” objects that in no case could cause those injuries that are alleged “because they were not dangerous”. He also said that his client had a calm attitude, that she was “alone and apart” from the group and that in some images she even appears “with her hands in her pockets.”

“No agent said that she gave pushes nor did anyone recognize what type of objects she threw, so we do not know what blunt object it is,” he has argued before the court in the cassation hearing.

Against women

Serra was sentenced to one year and seven months in jail for the crime of assault and two fines for injuries and damages. The judgment considered it proven that once the judicial proceeding of the eviction was completed, a group of people gathered from the Stop Evictions platform caused “strong clashes” with members of the police force “disregarding their authority.” “They proceeded to sit on the road to prevent them from leaving, resisting passively, to the point that they had to be evicted one by one, dragging them to both sides of the road.” With a «violent attitude», they insulted the officers («sons of bitches», «murderers», «I would be ashamed to be a police officer») while “spitting on themThey threw bottles, flowerpots, wastebaskets, stones and cobblestones at them ».

Isa Serra also “called insults” to the Police and confronted a municipal agent saying: You’re a cocaine addict, bad mother, son of a bitch, With everything we women have fought with you, everything is lost ». To another agent he said: «Son of a bitch, bitch, bitch, you fuck all the municipal policemen, if I were your son I would have to take a gun and shoot you ». According to the sentence, his participation did not end there because in addition to uttering insults “he also proceeded to shove and throw forceful objects at them.”

Two police officers were injured in this altercation: one had a hand injury and one officer was hit in the helmet by fainting and needing help to get into the police vehicle.He suffered a cervical injury with dizziness and vertigo. Both had to be compensated with 400 and 4,800 euros respectively.

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