Thursday, September 23

The Prosecutor on Godella’s patricide: “It is the most brutal trial I have seen”

Gabriel Salvador, Godella's parricide.

Gabriel Salvador, Godella’s parricide.

The prosecutor of the popular jury trial that started this Monday in Valencia against the two parents accused of having murdered their children in 2019 in Godella (Valencia) explained to the members of the jury at the beginning of the hearing that It is the most “brutal” trial he has ever attended, since he considers that “there is nothing more brutal than the murder of two children at the hands of their parents.”

The hearing has been delayed for more than four hours due to difficulties in selecting the jury and the challenge of some of the members of the jury during the process.

Finally, the hearing started after 2 pm (it was scheduled to start at 10 am) with the abbreviated reading of the accusation and defense briefs by the attorney for the administration of Justice.

A) Yes, The members of the jury have learned that the prosecutor accuses both parents of two crimes of murder and that he asks for 25 years in prison for each of these crimes, with a maximum of 40 years incarceration for the father and internment in a psychiatric center for the mother, for suffering from schizophrenia and having altered the faculties that would make it possible to be charged.

Gabriel (father) instilled in María (mother) the belief that the only way to protect her children from the persecution of a supposed sect was to give them a purifying bath and send them to the afterlife, “said the prosecutor, who considers both material perpetrators of the crime.

“Doing and letting each other do, first they bathed them, then they beat them against the ground and with blunt objects, and later they buried the children at different points of the plot,” he pointed out.

Gabriel is a manipulative person, he had food on Maria’s head, he wanted to separate her from her family and friends and take her to a spiritual retreat in Mexico to imbue herself with esoteric ideas and beliefs in which she made everyone around her participate. He is a chameleonic person, capable of acting in his own interest, he studied a kind of performing arts and uses this method of manipulation, “according to the prosecutor, who considers María” a highly influential person, who loved her children above any other. thing”.

The prosecutor has drawn a profile of Gabriel aggressive and even “abusive” with his wife and children, and has assured that there are witnesses who will ratify it.

Subsequently, the prosecutor has insisted on the idea that “The one who executes the criminal act has as much responsibility as the one who puts the idea in the head of the perpetrator. That concept of induction is picked up by the Supreme, and it is psychically influencing a person. Our Penal Code punishes whoever stands idly by and establishes that whoever allows them to do so is just as responsible. ”

After indicating to the jury that he has extensive experience in criminal cases, the prosecutor pointed out: “It is the most brutal trial I have witnessed, because there is nothing more brutal than the murder of two children at the hands of their parents.”

The father’s lawyer has reported that he will ask for free acquittal because he maintains that the mother committed the crime while he was sleeping and “without intervention or knowledge whatsoever on the part of the father.”

The mother’s defense has shown disagreement with the prosecutor’s account because it maintains that she did not carry out the crimes, but was only the author of the burials of the bodies of both minors, and also asks for free acquittal.

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