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The prosecutor withdraws the cruelty in a triple crime with 55 stab wounds

The prosecutor accuses the defendant, Francisco Javier MB, of three murders. For the death of the father and brother, he asked for 22 and a half years in prison for each death that, after the removal of the cruelty, became 21; while the permanent reviewable prison for the murder of the mother continues to be claimed. For the Prosecutor’s Office, the rest of the aggravating factors such as treachery concur, “because the victims had no possibility of escaping,” as well as kinship, because “one of the worst crimes is killing the people who gave you life.” However, the Public Ministry understands that the stabbing was aimed at vital areas and necessarily causing death, not prolonging the agony of the victims, for which it concluded that the aggravation of cruelty could not be applied in this case.

The private prosecution, brought by the lawyer Pedro Diego Pérez Gómez on behalf of the brothers of the murdered father, was against the withdrawal of the aggravation of the cruelty. «The autopsy has concluded that all the stab wounds occurred with the victims still in life, so that each one of them deliberately increased their pain», He asserted.

The trial for the triple crime in the neighborhood of Juan XXIII faces its final stretch with the reports of the conclusions of the parties. This Thursday the jury will begin to deliberate the verdict. Around ten o’clock in the morning, the judge presiding over the trial, Francisco Javier Guirau, will hand over to the six men and three women that make up the jury the object of the verdict and will begin their isolation while the deliberations last. The murders occurred on the morning of August 13, 2018 at the family home. The bodies were not discovered until the early morning of the 15th., in which the defendant called Emergencies requesting medical assistance for injuries he caused himself while attempting to commit suicide.


The autopsy determined that the three bodies had been dead for more than 36 hours when they were discovered. The one with the most injuries was Alejandro MB, brother of the accused and 43 years, which featured up to 36 stabs, although the forensics indicated that he could receive some more. Two of them would have necessarily caused his death, since one of them pierced his heart and the other his left lung. However, he had injuries all over his body, some on his arms and hands while trying to protect himself and others on his skull.

Of the eleven stab wounds presented by José M., 71-year-old father of the defendant, two were the neck. The murderer would have tried to cut his throat with the first and the second severed his carotid and jugular. These two came from behind. Eugenia B., 68 years old and mother of the accused, was also stabbed by the back, but some of the eight stabs they also occurred from the front, affecting the heart. Neither parent made any move to defend themselves.

Gaps in the prosecution

Throughout the trial, the defendant has maintained that he does not remember anything of what happened, except that he fought with his brother. The defense lawyer, Laureano del Castillo, maintained the thesis during his final report that the defendant could suffer some kind of psychotic break. “They want to impose a disguised life sentence on my client when there is still a lot of medical evidence to clarify what could have happened to him that day,” he said. For the defense, there are gaps in the account of the facts that the accusations give as true and insisted that every accused has the right to the presumption of innocence. “They say that my client dismantled the door of the room in which his brother locked himself to finish stabbing him, but if when the police arrived the corpse blocked the door, how did he get out of there?”. The defense assured that the stress caused by the fight with the brother could be the trigger for a psychotic break.

“I am very sorry … for what they accuse me of”

The accused of killing his parents and his brother took advantage of his turn to make the last word to ask for forgiveness, but without admitting the crime. “I am very sorry … for everything they accuse me,” he said before the police took him back to prison. Francisco Javier MB apologized to the families of his parents, the ward and his fellow prisoners. He also dedicated a few words to one of his uncles who called him a “criminal”, who he used to insult him.

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