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The Prosecutor’s Office assures that the alleged murderer of Marta Calvo had a ‘modus operandi’

The trial of Jorge Ignacio Palma, the confessed author of the disappearance of the body of Marta Calvo. / Eph

The prosecutor Socorro Zaragozá exposes in her report and in front of the popular jury all the evidence against the accused and maintains that she did not dismember the young woman

The Prosecutor’s Office is clear, Jorge Ignacio had a ‘modus operandi’ and used it with Marta Calvo: cocaine and suffocation. In a new hearing of the trial this Monday, the prosecutor Socorro Zaragozá has presented her report in front of the popular jury, has detailed all the evidence against the defendant and maintains that she did not dismember the young woman. “I am convinced that there are more victims. It is a story of evil and sadism », she has said in the Sara Tirant lo Blanch of the Provincial Court of Valencia.

This day of the trial, the twentieth of the procedure, has been dedicated to reading the final arguments, the reports with the evidence that indicates Jorge Ignacio has a ‘modus operandi’ with all the victims.

The first turn has been for the Prosecutor’s Office that asks for 120 years in prison for Jorge Ignacio, and that has made it clear that three of the victims, without previously knowing each other, identified the accused before he turned himself in to the Civil Guard.

For this reason, the Public Prosecutor’s Office maintains that it did not dismember Marta Calvo’s body, and defends that Jorge Ignacio turned himself in because he had died in his own home. “More women had already died, but the problem now is that she had died in her house and he had to quickly dispose of her body, but he did not dismember her because there is no proof.”

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Socorro Zaragozá also recalls that the defendant protects himself in that the sexual relations were consensual because they were paid for: “No one denies that, but ‘it’s not no’, and they did not consent to the introduction of cocaine into their private parts.”

The alleged murderer of Marta Calvo denies having killed the young woman

For the prosecutor there are two causes of death: cocaine and asphyxiation. He insists that all of them refused to be introduced cocaine, while the accused did it anyway. The Public Prosecutor’s Office accuses him of a sexual offense for “introducing coca in front of the opposition.” “No victim was expected to introduce cocaine stones. She had the perfect plan, because when dealing with prostitutes who use cocaine she could make it happen by accident and more if there were no witnesses », she added at the hearing.

On the other hand, the prosecutor wanted to clarify before the jury that the defense of Jorge Ignacio and the defendant himself have tried to raise doubts about the investigation and objective data, in addition to “dizzying the jury.” She recalls that in no case has the defense requested a single piece of evidence nor has it contested it. «If he had wanted to challenge any evidence he would have done it in these three years. Things are done when they have to be done and the jury does not come to raise doubts about objective data».

Two causes of death: cocaine and asphyxiation

The Public Prosecutor speaks of two causes of death: cocaine and suffocation. The autopsy report was conclusive as to death. Dr. Giner said: “This woman was deprived of oxygen and I cannot defend herself,” as Zaragozá recalled about Lady Marcela’s death.

Jorge Ignacio’s DNA was found both on Lady Marcela’s fingers and on her cheeks. There is no doubt on the part of the Prosecutor’s Office. «Then they can make you dizzy that she had DNA from other men but it is natural because she was a prostitute. But the cause of death is clear: drugs and suffocation », she said.

The identification of Jorge Ignacio was also key to uniting the three deaths that until now were being treated in parallel. “He was the man who came out of Arliene’s house and there was also his DNA on Lady Marcela.”

“Marta defended herself tooth and nail and there was evidence of it”

“This man feels nothing.” The prosecutor quotes Cicero: “Almost always, the actions of the wicked are pursued first by suspicion, then by rumor and public voice, then by accusation and, finally, by justice.” Thus conclude the allegations of the Public Prosecutor and the turn of the private accusations arrives.

Pilar Jové, the private prosecution of Marisol Burón, mother of Marta Calvo, has adhered to the allegations of the Prosecutor’s Office that she has described as “brilliant”. For the lawyer, the trial evidence shows that Jorge Ignacio met with Marta after having been with another girl and having had a “traumatic” encounter with her. And she appreciates, as the prosecutor has done before, that Marta Calvo was the first to die in her house but that she dragged more victims. “Marta defended herself tooth and nail and there was evidence of it and that’s why she had to get rid of her body.”

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