Friday, December 3

The Prosecutor’s Office calls for the withdrawal of the Vox cartel against unaccompanied foreign minors




The Provincial Prosecutor’s Office has filed a complaint with the Court of Instruction number 53 of Madrid against Vox for the placement of the electoral poster that attacks unaccompanied foreign minors. In the opinion of the Public Ministry, the banner could constitute a hate crime. For this reason, the tax brief asks the judge that, as a precautionary measure and “in the shortest possible time», The poster is removed.

Placed in the Cercanías facilities of the Puerta del Sol station, it shows the face of an elderly woman who is attributed the “grandmother” status and the amount of 426 euros is imputed as an economic cost in concept of pension. In contrast, the image of «an ore» that represents a young «racialized with dark skin, with his head covered with the hood of the garment he wears and with his face also covered by a wide handkerchief “, describes the Prosecutor’s Office, to whom the cost attributed for maintenance is 4,700 euros per month. The withdrawal request not only affects the one that is exhibited in the Sol station, but also “all those with the same content displayed in any other advertising space and placed by the advertiser complained of.”

The Public Ministry learned on April 20 of the placement of the poster in which, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, “not only the alleged economic amount that costs the maintenance of an ore to that of a pensioner, thus questioning its character ethical and legal, but also a prejudiced physical image of the minor as a foreigner, violent and criminal, as this is the concept generally incorporated with respect to a hooded, cloaked and racialized individual ”.

The precautionary measure proposed by the Prosecutor’s Office is due to the fact that “these non-national minors they are minors who lack a family, social and economic structure in the national territory ”. This makes them a “doubly vulnerable” group, both due to age and structural uprooting due to their foreign origin, “which not only requires a more protection by all operators and public institutions, but makes them one of the specially protected groups for our criminal legislation against attacks against their dignity for gratuitous and prejudicial ».

The complaint recalls that the hate crime integrates various types of crime in which the protected legal asset «is the dignity of the person, individually and as part of certain groups and that have in common the concurrence in the actor of a prejudiced conception towards them that determines their action of exclusive intolerance towards them, which can take place in different ways ».

In the same way, the Prosecutor’s Office understands that with the withdrawal of the cartel, the dignity and security of a group as vulnerable as non-national minors would be protected “without violating Vox’s right to carry out electoral propaganda, since the advertising space contracted and occupied by the poster whose withdrawal is requested can be reoccupied with propaganda aimed at requesting votes in Bell».

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