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The Prosecutor’s Office does not oppose that Correa and Crespo absent themselves from the trial of ‘Gürtel’ after declaring

Francisco Correa and Pablo Crespo.

Francisco Correa and Pablo Crespo.

The Prosecutor’s Office has not opposed that the leader of the ‘Gürtel’, Francisco Correa, his ‘number two’, Pablo Crespo, and the rest of the defendants who acknowledged the facts or adhered to the brief of conclusions of the Public Ministry do not have to attend the trial that is held in the National Court for the alleged adjudications in the Madrid municipality of Boadilla del Monte once they have declared.

The representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office Concepción Nicolás, who has responded to the previous questions raised this Tuesday by the defenses, nor has he shown his opposition to the defendants renouncing the use of the last word, recalling that it is a “very personal” right.

This is the case for most of the 24 indicted: 17 of them have presented briefs acknowledging the facts or showing their agreement with the brief of provisional accusations from the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Among them are those of Correa and Crespo themselves, but also that of the former mayor of Boadilla del Monte Arturo González Panero, better known as ‘El Albondiguilla’, and that of the accountant of the ‘Gürtel’, José Luis Izquierdo.

The State Attorney and the City Council of Boadilla have adhered to what was stated by the Prosecutor’s Office and, therefore, have not shown opposition to the defendants are absent from the rest of the sessions once they have given a statement.

Non-induced writings

The prosecutor has also referred to the emails in which he considered the financial mastermind of the plot, José Ramón Blanco Balín, would have tried to induce another defendant, the businessman Carlos Jorge Martínez Massa, to join the letter of the Prosecutor’s Office. This issue starred in part of the opening session this Tuesday after two defendants got involved on account of this matter.

The representative of the Public Ministry has said that this exchange of messages between two parties, “that have the right to confess or lie “, It is framed within the intimacy of the same. “The prosecutor is not responsible for dealing with possible agreements or circumstances prior to the trial,” he said.

Along these lines, the prosecutor has made it clear that the decision to reach agreement by Blanco Balín “has been free” and without that, “in no case” has been “induced” by the Prosecutor’s Office. That is why he considers it unnecessary to contribute the emails to the process, when what should prevail is to listen to the accused and “not what they have been able to discuss in private.”

The Public Ministry has informed the chamber of the case of Jose Galeote, one of the defendants, who has been excluded from the procedure since it has been proven that he suffers from senile degeneration and that he is admitted to a residence in Malaga.

On the other hand, the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office has dismissed the undue delays alleged by the defense of the former mayor of Boadilla del Monte Arturo González Panero, known as ‘El Albondiguilla’, and by that of Rodolfo Benigno Ruiz recalling that the Supreme Court already rejected this precept in the answer to the appeal for cassation by the sentence of the first phase of the ‘Gürtel’.

Likewise, the prosecutor has denied the accusations of Alicia Vallejo, accused of the sale of a property to a company of ‘El Albondiguilla’. His defense argued that, in a “surprising“The accusation against his client was extended in 2016, requesting that the crime of money laundering that is accused of having allegedly faked commercial operations be expunged.

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