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The Prosecutor’s Office investigates a professor at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona for sexual harassment

Demonstration of students from the Institut del Teatre in Lleida street, towards the Provincial Council.

Demonstration of students from the Institut del Teatre in Lleida street, towards the Provincial Council.

The Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation against a professor at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona to which a student denounced for sexual harassment and has commissioned the police to investigate the facts as a result of the disciplinary file that the institution opened to the teacher, separated from the classrooms since last March.

According to sources from the public prosecutor’s office, the proceedings for sexual harassment have been opened against the professor in question, Boris Dausà, although it is not ruled out to extend the investigation to other teachers, based on the indications that emerge from the police investigations.

The Barcelona Provincial Prosecutor’s Office has decided so after the Institut del Teatre made available to him the disciplinary file that it opened to Dausà after identifying signs of sexual harassment in his behavior.

According to the complaint against the professor, he would have taught classes and held parties in a house in the mountains during several courses and with various students, despite the fact that the Institut del Teatre explicitly prohibits it.

Dausà is the second teacher at the Institut del Teatre who was suspended provisionally at the request of the commission which investigates alleged cases of harassment and abuse of power by school teachers, so since last March he has been temporarily removed from teaching although he continues to work on projects linked to the institution.

The Commission for the Prevention and Investigation of Sexual Harassment requested that Dausà be removed after the scandal caused by the renowned actor and theater director Joan Ollé, who was suspended from his duties due to complaints of sexual harassment and psychological abuse received by students and former students.

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The case dates back to last February, when an investigation by the newspaper Ara highlighted Public complaints from students of the center who claimed to have suffered sexual harassment and abuse of power for years by several teachers.

In fact, the commission’s findings report also led the institute to open disciplinary files for two other teachers, one of them por “inappropriate” behaviors in the classroom, and the other for a serious offense after an “invasive” teaching practice.

However, in the first case, the file was suspended due to the teacher’s retirement, which prevented “applying the administrative disciplinary regime to sanction people who are not part of the workforce,” while the possibility of take legal action “.

In the second case, the suspension of employment and salary was agreed for two months and six days due to an “invasive teaching practice.”

In the wake of these scandals, the Institut del Teatre launched training sessions on sexual harassment and abuse of power for students and teachers of the institution, created a code of ethics and reports of good practices in dance and drama and constituted a permanent ethics committee.

In addition, since the beginning of March a psychological care service was activated to improve the “mechanisms of communication and participation” between the different groups of the institution.

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