Thursday, December 9

The Prosecutor’s Office stands out from the cascade of confessions of those accused by Gürtel in Boadilla




The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office has been blunt today about the trickle of acknowledgments and conformities presented by the majority of defendants in the trial for the Gürtel plot in the City of Boadilla del Monte (Madrid) between 2001 and 2009. During the second session of preliminary questions held this morning, the prosecutor Concha Nicolás has insisted several times that the Prosecutor’s Office “has never asked anyone to acknowledge anything” and that at all times “it abides exclusively by the principle of legality.”

Before the 24 current defendants begin to testify, up to 17 of them have confessed in writing the facts that the Public Prosecutor’s Office accused them and have agreed with their brief of accusations.

Among them, the main defendants, such as the head of the plot, Francisco Correa, and his number two, Pablo Crespo, who are already serving a sentence in Valdemoro prison for other pieces of this macrocause. Also the former mayor of Boadillense Arturo González-Panero, alias ‘El Albondiguilla’, for whom the Prosecutor’s Office initially requested more than 40 years in prison.

The prosecutor Nicolás wanted to make it clear that all those confessions and regrets They are not the product of any negotiation with the Prosecutor’s Office. This was stated during his response to one of the previous questions raised yesterday by the defense of the plot’s tax advisor, Ramón Blanco Balín, who requested that the emails he sent to another of the defendants, businessman Carlos, be removed from the case. Martínez Massa, encouraging him to recognize the crimes in order to attempt a lesser sentence, as two-thirds of the accused have already done.

The Prosecutor’s Office has opposed these emails joining the case because it considers that they are a “personal matter” that affects the “intimate and private sphere” of both defendants, so it understands that their contribution is “unnecessary” . Other accusations, such as those brought by the State Bar or the Boadilla City Council, have shared this position, while others, such as that of Martínez Massa himself, consider that these emails are “relevant” to “help assess the statements” of the affected.

The court accepts the mails

The court has resolved the previous questions raised yesterday and today, including accepting that the Blanco Balín emails provided by Martínez Massa’s defense appear in the case. It will also allow defendants to only have to appear on the day they testify and in the last session.

On the contrary, the court has not accepted that the PP lawyer, as requested yesterday, can appear by telematic means, which is lacking in the room in which this trial is being held. Other issues, such as the undue delay requested by Panero, will be resolved during the trial.

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