Sunday, September 19

The province of Alicante once again exceeds 100 hospitalized for coronavirus in a day with 764 new infections after three months

Vaccination against the coronavirus in the province.

Vaccination against the coronavirus in the province.

The province of Alicante has once again exceeded 100 hospitalized for coronavirus after three months below that figure, in a day in which 764 new infections have been registered, according to the information provided this Friday by the Ministry of Health. In the health centers of the demarcation there are 113 people admitted, which represents an increase of 20 in a single day, the highest in five and a half months, since last February 7. Likewise, we must go back to April 16 to find a data of more than 100 patients with covid in Alicante hospitals.

The figures published by Health this Friday are again very negative in all aspects, with the only exception that 149 fewer positives have been reported than in the previous day. Even so, it is the third highest daily data since February, only surpassed by 913 and 789 on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, respectively. With these new 764 cases, the accumulated number of people affected since the health crisis broke out amounts to 159,521. In the entire Valencian Community, for its part, 2,913 infections have been diagnosed, of which 289 correspond to the province of Castellón and 1,860 to that of Valencia.

Meanwhile, the registrations throughout the autonomous territory have been 1,980, and 363 in the province of Alicante. In other words, the number of people who overcome the disease continues to be much lower than that of those who are infected, which means that the fifth wave has not yet reached its ceiling. The number of active cases in the Community as a whole amounts to 28,286, which represents an increase of 931 in a single day. In the last 24 hours, five coronavirus outbreaks have been reported with ten or more associated cases, of which one has been located in Elche, with 13 people affected. The rest have occurred in the province of Valencia.

To the data of 113 hospitalized we must add another negative note, that of those admitted to the ICU. In one day they have risen from 12 to 17 in the province. There were not so many critically ill patients since May 3. In addition, there has been one death for the first time in ten days, bringing the number of fatalities from the pandemic to 2,851 since March 2020. There have been two other deaths in the province of Valencia, bringing the total number of deaths in the Valencian Community it amounts to 7,478.

Vaccination, meanwhile, continues its rhythm regardless of everything. A total of 3,090,909 people have already received a dose of the coronavirus vaccine in the whole of the Valencian Community. They have the complete two-dose immunization schedule for Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, or the single-dose Janssen 2,570,677 people, of them 923,285 in the province of Alicante.

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