Saturday, July 31

The province registers 43 infected every hour during the last week

A patient with covid-19, in the ICU of the General University Hospital of Elche.  |  ANTONIO AMORÓS

A patient with covid-19, in the ICU of the General University Hospital of Elche. | ANTONIO AMORÓS

The worst week in infections since the pandemic began in the province leaves 43 infections every hour. The figures in the last seven days have broken negative records, with more than 7,200 positives. And yesterday for the first time in months the Generalitat Valenciana gave data on infections on Sunday, one more example that the situation is becoming more and more worrying.

The Department of Universal Health and Public Health yesterday notified 307 infected in the last 24 hours in the province. A figure much lower than the 1,943 cases reported on Saturday, the highest daily record since the health crisis began in the month of March of the atypical 2020. But Sunday data must be kept in quarantine because much less tests are done on weekends and until Tuesday there will be no clearer data on the evolution, although everything indicates that they will continue to rise.

The figure on Saturday was somewhat higher than the one registered the day before, Friday, with 1,354 infected. While on Thursday, the data added one more infected, 1,355. On Wednesday, the 6th, no information was received from Health, as it was Three Kings Day.

As you go back in the week the figures are decreasing. 1,273 cases Tuesday and 1,002 reported Monday, the day that began a crucial week, where the data is increasingly alarming and hospitals, as INFORMATION has been publishing, have increasingly collapsed Intensive Care Units and They are setting up new rooms to house covid patients.

After the balance of all these figures, the total of positives in the Valencian Community since the coronavirus pandemic began and there is a data record of 171,505 people which, distributed by provinces, would be as follows: 96,760 from Valencia, followed by 56,233 in Alicante, ending with 18,487 in Castellón.

During the past few days, contagions did not fall below a thousand cases, a fact that increases the influence of the Christmas holidays on the magnitude of these figures, the Valencian Community entering the third wave of coronavirus, with worrying figures.

Hospital pressure also presents high numbers, when registering Saturday, the last day that hospital admissions data were received, from 758 to 747 patients admitted with coronavirus in the health centers of the province. As in hospital ICUs, the number of admitted patients increased from 117 to 123 in the Alicante district.

Faced with the hospital outlook, the healthcare pressure and the call of several professionals asking for caution in the current situation, the head of the Consell, Ximo Puig, on a possible home confinement, Puig said on Saturday that “nothing can be ruled out, because we are going to live extraordinarily complicated weeks”, ensuring that “very difficult circumstances exist for overcoming the pandemic.” Thus, he asked citizens “to stay at home” because in pandemic conditions “you have to be as prudent as possible.”

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