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The province scores the largest drop in unemployment in its history and breaks the affiliation record

The province of Alicante registered in the month of November some unprecedented figures for employment. And it is that the number of unemployed was reduced by 9.817, in what supposes the greater fall of the unemployment since data is had. Services were the ones that most pulled this decline, in a trend, in any case, that affected all economic sectors. But the thing does not end there, since the affiliated with Social Security rose in this month until 684.156, thus breaking the previous absolute record of July 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic broke out. The only negative data is that, while at the national level there is already less unemployment than before the covid, in the province and the Community as a whole it continues to be above.

The recovery of the labor market, with some ups and downs, has been going in parallel with the easing of the restrictions against the covid. However, never before this past November had such striking figures been reached. And it is that the province registered the largest decrease in unemployment in its history, with 9,817 fewer unemployed, that leave the total figure in 163.594. To find the previous reference data, we must go back to July 2020, when, after the end of the confinement period, the reduction was of 9.294.

The decline has been generalized in all sectors, although they are services those who have acted as the main driving force, with 5,594 fewer unemployed persons, leaving the total number in 109.807. Then the industry, with a decrease of 1,271, which shows a balance of 20.317, followed by construction, with a fall of 1,096, to total 14.211. The number of unemployed in the farming also falls by 368, leaving a total figure of 6.336, while the group without previous employment decreased by 525, which leaves it at 12.950.

It also happens that this sharp decline in unemployment has come to break the usual trend of job destruction that characterizes the month of November. In fact, the only exception so far was in 2015, when unemployment fell by 510 people.

However, and despite the spectacular decline, the province is still far from recovering in this section the pre-pandemic figures. And it is that the 163,594 unemployed that are registered at the moment, are much more than the 148,954 that were counted in November 2019.

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However, the same is not the case with Social Security affiliation data, which for months have been above the figures prior to the health crisis. In fact, the number of contributors in November broke the absolute record for the province with 684,156, surpassing the previous one, which dates back to July 2019, when 683,328 were counted. It has been after the increase of 2,053 affiliates registered in the last month. It is, therefore, an apparent contradiction, which is explained by the fact that many people who have been joining the labor market in recent months were not previously registered in the Labora offices, a circumstance that usually occurs when they have exhausted the aid or with those that work only certain seasons of the year.

In the section of affiliations, the increase registered in the manufacturing industry stands out, which increases with 1,967 contributors; that of commerce, with 1,329; and education, with 1,120. However, it falls in hospitality, in 3,548, and in auxiliary services activities, in 405.

With regard to hiring, it should be noted that in November they increased by 1,560 compared to the previous month, reaching 60,194. By type, permanent contracts increased by 3,423, reaching 9,522, while temporary contracts decreased by 1,833, to 50,672.

In the province of Alicante, on the other hand, there are 77,109 beneficiaries of unemployment benefits, which is 959 less than in the previous month. Of these, 31,499 are paid from unemployment, 37,981 from welfare income, and 7,629 from active reintegration income.

Thus, the evaluations, how could it be otherwise, have been positive in all areas. From the CC OO union, the Secretary of Employment in l’Alacantí-Les Marines, José María Ruiz, does not hesitate to point out that unemployment is a good figure that must be attributed to the gradual recovery after the restrictions of the pandemic, but also the fact that, since November, jobseekers’ registrations have been carried out in person again, after, as a result of the covid, they had been automatically certified. “This – he emphasizes – has led to the exit from unemployment of people who have been distracted and have not renewed by mistake, and also of retirees who, during these months, had continued to be registered, even receiving job offers, despite being already out of the labor market ”.

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After highlighting that “it is returning to the old normality” in terms of precarious employment, Ruiz also regrets that six out of ten unemployed people are women, and that only 11.76% of the hiring is indefinite, “and that to despite the inspection campaigns carried out to regulate temporary hiring ”.

Yolanda Díaz Serra, UGT employment secretary in the same district, expresses herself in similar terms, who affirms, however, that the current positive dynamics of the labor market should be taken advantage of to de facto repeal labor reforms and introduce changes of depth that have a clear effect on the quality of employment that is created. In his words, “the increase in permanent hiring is due, in part, to the work carried out by the Labor Inspectorate as a result of the UGT’s demand to veto abusive practices in the use of temporary hiring. Therefore, job security and decent wages must be the foundations of employment for the present and, above all, for the future ”.

For his part, the director of Economy and Analysis of the Valencian Business Confederation (CEV), Ricardo Miralles, highlights that, with 30,633 fewer unemployed than in the previous month, the Community leads the autonomous ranking in the decrease in registered unemployment in absolute terms . However, it draws attention to the fact that Valencia is also the second region that has reduced the difference between the volume of unemployment registered in November of this year, and that of the same month of 2019 and February 2020. In fact , while at the national level there is already less unemployment than before the pandemic, both in the province of Alicante and in the Community as a whole it continues to be above.

As he explains, “while at the national level the number of unemployed people is 7.48 points lower than in November 2019, in the Community it is 4.07 points higher. Compared to February 2020, the number of unemployed has decreased by 1.95 points at the national level, but in the Community it is still 6.41 points higher ”.

Finally, the regional secretary of Employment and general director of Labora, Enric Nomdedéu, does not hesitate to point out that the unemployment data registered in the month of November reflects the consolidation of the recovery of the labor market in the Valencian Community, with an improvement in all productive sectors and in all age groups. It also highlights that, indeed, since data are available, there has never been such a pronounced monthly decrease, while recognizing that the fact that the renewal of registrations is no longer automatic has allowed the figures to be adjusted.

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In this sense, Nomdedéu informs that the Valencian Employment and Training Service offers citizens three ways to make the renewal effective. The job application can be renewed through its website, in the Punt Labora section, from the recently renewed GVA Punt Labora application, and from the telephone number 012. In all of them, it can be renewed on the indicated day without having to travel. People registered with Labora also receive a notification via SMS and email, through which they are notified that their next renewal will no longer be automatic and they are informed when they will have to do it themselves.

Unemployment registers its lowest level in Spain since 2008

November was a double record month for the Spanish labor market, which is enduring, for now, the turmoil of skyrocketing inflation. Unemployment fell by 74,381 people, placing the total number of unemployed at 3.18 million people; below pre-COVID levels and at its lowest level since 2008. This is the result of the boost in employment, which grew again this November for the third consecutive month and added 61,768 new employees, its best record since 2000.

This effervescence of employment does not mean that much of it is explained by the high doses of temporary employment. Spain, European champion in temporary contracts, registered one more month without precedents of registrations and losses. In a single day, on Tuesday, November 2, Social Security registered 423,976 terminated contracts. The Spanish labor market has been a crusher for years. The sectors that are pulling employment the most this year are construction and those that suffered the worst last year due to restrictions. Guilds such as hospitality and artistic activities, which experienced a disastrous 2020, accumulate year-on-year increases of 16.7% and 14.5%, respectively

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