Friday, December 4

The Provincial Council creates the Social Council to encourage participation

PP deputies in a plenary session held before the pandemic.  |  INFORMATION

PP deputies in a plenary session held before the pandemic. | INFORMATION

The Alicante Provincial Council has created a new consultative body on economic and social matters with which it intends to channel the participation of different sectors of the province through forums for dialogue and advice. The purpose is to defend and promote the environmental, cultural and gastronomic wealth of the province, as well as its geographical plurality, its main products and services, its traditions and its linguistic diversity. Under this premise the Social Council of the province of Alicante was born, a project whose lines of action will be agreed and outlined in collaboration with the town councils, entities, associations and productive sectors of the territory. The province’s social, industrial, municipal, trade union, agrarian, tourist, academic and institutional fabric will form the basis of this entity that is committed to an active involvement of these sectors as a basis for establishing a work network that has contributions focused on their composition, objectives and operation.

The deputy for the Presidency, Eduardo Dolón, explained yesterday that the complicated health, economic and social situation generated by the covid pandemic “has led us as a society to one of the greatest challenges we have had to face in democracy.” According to Dolón, this fact has led to institutions and administrations rethinking investment priorities and executing their policies for the next annuities, in order to adapt them to social needs. «We need to be more united than ever to draw up a consensual roadmap in which city councils, institutions, companies, social agents, productive sectors and citizens present their proposals and requirements, promote dialogue and participation and cooperate in public and private initiatives that promote the social and economic development of our province “, specified the deputy.

Some of the main functions of the Social Council of the province of Alicante are to channel dialogue between economic and social agents, issue reports on projects, prepare studies related to matters of interest that affect territorial development or encourage citizen participation through of the organization of conferences, seminars, forums and debates to stimulate their action and interest. It also aims to close an annual report on the economic and social situation of the province, cooperate in the achievement of public and private initiatives, promote fundraising, as well as other activities commissioned by decision-making bodies. The council will have a president and a vice president and will be organized through plenary sessions, permanent committees and other work committees. The mandates of its members will be four years, and may be renewable for the same period.

The Alicante Provincial Council plans to approve its constitution in the next provincial plenary session in December, after the document has been displayed on the Provincial Council’s Transparency Portal for ten calendar days, which end this Sunday. “The current panorama is complicated and requires forceful actions to mitigate the devastating effects that the pandemic is leaving,” said Dolón.

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