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The Provincial Council delays the Transparency Observatory to the first semester of 2022

However, this initiative, managed by the vice president and deputy of Cs, Julia Parra, is scheduled to start in the first half of 2022, as confirmed by the same sources, which point out that it has been necessary to develop different previous actions, such as an application to improve access to information for citizens who can receive it on any device, or the modification of the Accounting Regulations of political groups so that they can publish their accounts on the Diputación Transparency Portal. In this way, they point out, the Transparency Observatory will be solid, coherent and with expectations of survival over time, to guarantee the stability of the progress made.

The project is being assumed by the Diputación’s own Transparency area and the management is carried out with its own resources. It was called to be the star project of the provincial institution. This was announced by the then leader of the orange formation Toni Cantó -now in the PP- when he signed the government pact with Carlos Mazón. In January of this year, Deputy Julia Parra announced that she was not going to be left in the limbo of the permanent blockade, but the delay in being constituted continues almost a year later.

Parra assures this newspaper that the Transparency Observatory will be created in 2022, since it is “one of the two main objectives that I have set for myself for next year.” The other is the 25% increase in the subsidies granted to local corporations so that they can comply with their transparency obligations and develop citizen participation actions in the context of the framework agreement signed with the Generalitat Valenciana. “The aid will thus be able to reach a greater number of municipalities and that increase is already committed in the project of the Provincial Council’s budgets for 2022,” adds the vice president of the provincial institution.

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The Transparency area ensures that the last phase is already being worked on before its creation. The Observatory will be constituted as a stable collegiate body that will have experts in Transparency, Citizen Participation and Good Governance, as well as officials from other areas such as Digital Agenda and Innovation and the Provincial Data Commission. There they will deal with cross-cutting issues of importance both for the Provincial Council and for local entities to set the objectives and guidelines for improvement in matters of transparency, they explain from the Provincial Council.

The works are directed so that the Observatory begins to work during the first six months of next year. The Transparency area highlights that, in these more than two years since the Observatory was announced, steps have been taken that will help its creation, such as improving the information that is being published through the website of the Provincial Council and the standards of compliance with the regulations or powerful IT tools in the Transparency Portal, such as a supplier viewer that allows to know all the payments made by the provincial institution and another budget that makes it possible to monitor the execution of the accounts almost in time real.

Proof of this «success», they highlight from Transparency, is the Infoparticipa Seal, which for the second consecutive year is awarded to the Alicante Provincial Council. This seal, awarded by the Infoparticipa Map of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​has given a score of 92% to the provincial institution, with a percentage three points above the index achieved last year, when it reached 89%. Measures the level of compliance with the major indicators in active advertising established in national and regional legislation. For Deputy Julia Parra, “this award is an incentive to continue working as we are doing and a great recognition that places us among the leading institutions in the field of Transparency, Good Governance and Public Communication.”

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The opposition says they expect little from this project

PSOE and Compromís demand, beyond that body, improvements in the area managed by Ciudadanos

The opposition criticizes the delay in the launch of the Transparency Observatory, from which it expects little, and considers that the provincial institution still has to take many steps in this matter. Thus, it puts the focus on the Transparency Portal, of which improvements are demanded, and on the lack of regeneration that, the PSOE and Compromís assure, occurs within the Provincial Council.

The PSOE spokesman in the Diputación, Toni Francés, points out that “Citizens said that it came to the Diputación de Alicante to regenerate it and to make it more transparent, but it has neither been regenerated nor is it more transparent.” Frances believes that more can be done in this area and hopes that it will be done.

More vehemently are shown from Compromís. The spokesman for the Valencian formation, Gerard Fullana, understands that Ciudadanos and the Popular Party “have excessively abused the political theater”, and assures that “transparency in the administrative space set up by the Diputación is not of interest.” For the Valencian deputy, there are “too many issues” on the table on which they do not want to put light and stenographers.


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