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The Provincial Council increases the Environment budget by 22% and will reach ten million in 2021

Image of the Composting Center

Image of the Composting Center

The Provincial Council of Alicante will allocate this year near ten million euros, 22% more than in 2020, to protect the natural environment, promote sustainability, promote energy savings or maintain and conserve green areas. The Environment area will manage this important economic amount throughout this year, which will be distributed through different lines and calls for subsidies from which the municipalities of the province will benefit.

Among the novelties of this exercise, the increase in aid to collaborate with town halls and associations in the management of urban solid waste, a game that goes from one to 1.7 million euros, It rises by 67.64% and which contemplates the creation of a line of 200,000 euros for the management of pruning remains, among other actions.

In addition, in order to reinforce its commitment to the municipalities of the territory, the institution will launch in 2021 other two new programs of subsidies, one of 350,000 euros for the drafting of sustainable urban mobility plans and another of 250,000 for the execution of local plans for the prevention of forest fires. In this sense, another item of 250,000 is also maintained for the drafting of this type of project.

Thus, it will increase the economic allocation of various calls such as the one for the restoration, cleaning and recovery of areas degraded by the uncontrolled dumping of waste, which goes from 300,000 to 400,000 euros, or the one directed to the realization of treatments of control of diptera – flies and mosquitoes -, that rises in 80,000 euros, until reaching 380,000.

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“The Environment area increases its budget by more than 1.8 million euros, an action that shows the commitment of the Alicante Provincial Council with the protection of our environment, the fight against climate change and the 2030 Agenda ”, said the deputy responsible for the department, Miguel Ángel Sánchez.

Especially relevant are also the line of aid for the adaptation and rehabilitation of parks, gardens and recreational areas, which amounts to 500,000 euros, that for the control of colonies of cats, of 255,000 euros, or that aimed at the creation of centers of community composting, which rises from 120,000 to 140,000 euros.

Also, with the remnants, the institution will enhance the Energy Savings Plan with 1.5 million euros.

Collaboration with the town councils of the province in the maintenance of spaces such as the Torretes Botanical Garden, in Ibi, that of Santos, in Panàguila, or that of the Marqués de Fontalba, in Jacarilla, will be other priorities of the department throughout this annuity.

In this sense, the care of monumental trees, the drafting of energy efficiency projects, the acquisition of bins and furniture for public parks, the organization of environmental conferences, the development of promotion, promotion and training or publication of studies and technical works are other of the many actions that the area will carry out throughout this fiscal year.

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