Sunday, May 16

The Provincial Council reinforces its social agenda to reach the people and families most affected by the Covid crisis

Carlos Mazón at the Alicante Food Bank

Carlos Mazón at the Alicante Food Bank

The Provincial Council of Alicante active from this week an intense social agenda with meetings and encounters with the associations and entities of the province that are dedicated to helping people and families in the most vulnerable situation.

The president of the provincial institution, Carlos Mazon, has stressed that “at the same level as the health crisis and the economic crisis is the social crisis.” At the same time, he pointed out that “we are at a critical moment and, therefore, we put on the table all the possible resources of the Provincial Council, all our investment capacity, our savings and our solidarity”.

The provincial leader recalled the “extraordinary example“Offered daily by entities and volunteers who provide support to dependent people or who go to soup kitchens” exercising solidarity with those who need it most in the municipalities of the province. The Alicante Provincial Council has to be with all of them and, therefore, we are greatly reinforcing our social agenda and our work strategy with the groups of people who may need it the most ”.

In this sense, the president of the Provincial Council has planned meet throughout this month of March with a score of associations and solidarity entities of the province. In the next three weeks he will hold meetings with the Parkinson Association of Alicante, the Provincial Union of Associations of People with Intellectual Disabilities of Alicante (Upapsa), the Federation of Deaf People of the Valencian Community (Fesord CV), the Association of Deafblind People of the Valencian Community (Asocide CV), the Alicante Association for the Fight against Kidney Diseases (ALCER) and the Multiple Sclerosis Association of Alicante (Adema). Likewise, he will also meet with the Alicantina Pro-tutela Foundation, the Casa Oberta Foundation and the La Prosperidad-Comedor Social de San Gabriel Neighborhood Association.

At the same time, throughout this month, the Provincial Council will deliver adapted vehicles to different entities, such as the associations of Relatives and Friends of Alzheimer’s patients from Elda-Petrer and Medio Vinalopó, from Villena and the region, from Aspe and from the Marina Baixa.

In addition, the Alicante Provincial Council this year has increased social aid by 50% so that all city councils in the province face the crisis derived from Covid-19. The provincial institution will allocate in 2021 in an extraordinary way a total of 9 million euros so that the consistories can pay for home help, care for the homeless, the reinforcement of the municipal social services staff and home rehabilitation services , among other resources aimed at serving the most vulnerable people and the most disadvantaged families.

To these 9 million, approved unanimously in the Plenary of the Provincial Council, are added more than 8 million euros from the ordinary budget of the Social Welfare area, directed by MP Carmen Carmen Jover.

Finally, the institution has strengthened its commitment to the project Alicante Gastronomic Solidarity‘through a help from 20.000 euros. The collaboration will take place with the signing of an agreement, with which the institution will once again show its support for this initiative, which since the pandemic began has prepared more than 235,000 menus that have been distributed among families in the province affected by the crisis generated. for the coronavirus.

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