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The Provincial Tourist Board will allocate 800,000 euros to promote the image of a Costa Blanca free of covid

Carlos Mazón and Jose Mancebo chat with Peter Walton, pte European Association of Golf Supermen at the 2019 WTM

Carlos Mazón and Jose Mancebo chat with Peter Walton, pte European Association of Golf Supermen at the 2019 WTM

He Provincial Tourist Board of the Costa Blanca has ratified today during the celebration of its governing council the autonomous body budget for 2021 which presents some novelties, adapted to the crisis situation generated by the covid. With an amount amounting to 5.3 million euros, the same figure as in the current year, the accounts of the entity pursue a clear promotion strategy of the province’s tourism brand to help a sector especially hit by the pandemic. The preliminary draft of the accounting document, which They’ve passed all political groups of the Provincial Council of Alicante except for Compromís, whose vote was against, reinforces next year the equity criteria, the public calls and the specific aid for the self-employed and SMEs in the sector.

The general lines of the budget include a item over 1.8 million euros destined to develop direct actions to promote the Costa Blanca brand in the market National and international, focused especially on the digital strategy. 800,000 euros will be used exclusively to promote the Costa Blanca as a covid-free destination.

The director of the Provincial Tourism Board, Jose Mancebo, has stressed that “this chapter increases by 80% because we are going to redouble our efforts for next year to promote the promotion of our destination in order to recover our tourists when the global health situation allows.”

“Our tourism sector is more than prepared to receive, with all the anticovid security protocols, national and international tourists. With these budgets we have managed to meet and meet the demands of a sector that has seen its survival seriously damaged in many cases ”, pointed out Mancebo.

In addition, it will go initial one million euros, whose amount may be increased over the next financial year with remnants, for different lines of public calls free competition. This economic package will be eligible town halls, supra-municipal associations, as well as self-employed and small and medium-sized companies of the sector that have seen their activity market due to the current health situation.

On the other hand, the Costa Blanca Board adheres in 2021 to the Cooperation Fund for tourist municipalities from Valencian government, a investor program which will foreseeably have a global budget for the province of 2 million euros, of which the autonomous body of the institution will inject a million euros.

Finally, the Costa Blanca Board of Trustees reduces nominative grants to represent only 11% of next year’s budget. These grants will be allocated to those events that could not be held totally or partially in 2020 due to sanitary restrictions and that constitute part of the signs of identity of the territory for its projection, consolidation e history.

José Mancebo has detailed that discretionary contributions have been gradually reduced in recent years and for next year they only account for 11% of the total budgeted. Thus, according to the director of the tourist entity, such outstanding events as the Castell de l’Olla de Altea, to the Film Festival of l’Alfàs del Pi, the Habaneras Contest of Torrevieja or the All Saints’ Day Fair Cocentaina will have a specific help for the weight and tourist relevance that these events have in the promotion not only of the municipalities in which they are held, but of the entire province.

Finally, the director of the Costa Blanca Board of Trustees has highlighted that these accounts are the result of a joint work that already during this year has been revealed with agreements and pacts reached with the groups of the Diputación and with other administrations.

Not in vain, as he has specified, “during 2020, a particularly tough year for our tourism sector, more than 600 aid files have been carried out for associations, entities and councils in the province.”

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