Saturday, September 25

The PSOE and Vox “save” the budget of the bipartisan for 2021 in Alicante by maintaining their abstention for the final plenary session

Sanguino greets Ortolá, in a plenary session prior to the covid pandemic
Jose Navarro

Without changes. Same document and same distribution of votes. The Finance Commission has given free rein to final approval of the municipal budget of Alicante for 2021. The plenary body met today to address the twelve allegations presented by unions and neighbors, which have been rejected en bloc by the Finance and Human Resources technicians. In the final vote of the commission, the expected balances have been maintained: the bipartisan (PP and Cs) has voted in favor, the PSOE and Vox have abstained and Unidos Podemos and Compromís have voted against. Thus, the Budget that will finally be voted on this Thursday (also the day of the ordinary session in March) will be the same as that initially approved in mid-February: 14 votes in favor, 11 abstentions and 4 against.

After the commission, the municipal opposition has regretted that all the allegations have been rejected, also criticizing the bipartisan for torpedoing citizen participation. “It has been shown once again that Mayor Luis Barcala does not accept any of the allegations of unions and neighbors, making it clear what he means by participatory budgets: just apply the roller “, have pointed out the socialists, who have alleged, through the councilors Miguel Millana and Llanos Cano, that his abstention is based on the pact signed with Citizens: “We managed to incorporate 1.2 million direct aid to companies and because this agreement opens the way to incorporate proposals from the PSOE so that municipal accounts are more social, more fair and have an added value in a time of maximum difficulty “.

Since Vox, the other group that will allow the final approval of the Budget, has also regretted the “no” to the allegations and has defended that their vote is inspired by having imposed part of their demands, such as cuts in the areas of Equality and Cooperation: ” Unfortunately, all the allegations presented by all the proposing entities have been rejected by the technicians because there were very necessary proposals for the neighborhoods and the municipal staff. We have decided to maintain the vote in coherence with the need for the city to continue recovering from the Chinese virus and by the assignments of the government team with our adjustments in ideological items “, according to the spokesperson of the formation, Mario Ortolá.

In the “no” we have remained United Podemos and Compromís, who coincide in reproaching the bipartisan for giving in to the demands of the ultra group. “From Compromís we see how the different allegations have not had room for debate, making a strict and restrictive interpretation of this process. Associations and unions demand a space where they can make proposals and claims that they cannot find. From the progressive coalition we will continue voting against budgets without investments, no dialogue with civil society, and what do they collect the agenda of cuts in human rights agreed between PP-Vox, with the complicit acceptance of Ciudadanos who cannot oppose anything given the decomposition situation in which he finds himself “, according to Natxo Bellido.

From the purple coalition, Xavier López has insisted on the lack of a space for neighborhood participation: “We regret the difficulties that social entities have to present allegations and that these pass the cut of the intervention. The fact that all of them have been rejected generates the perception of a city council far removed from the citizenry. The main problem is the lack of policies and initiatives that favor citizen participation, and especially those that create facilities to participate and influence local budgets. ”

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