Sunday, December 5

The PSOE asks the PP why it has waited for the Mar Menor to “agonize”

The deputy secretary general of the PSOE and spokesperson for the Socialist Group in Congress, Adriana Lastra, has asked the PP “why it has waited for the Mar Menor to agonize to make decisions.” “Murcia, he has defended, deserves an autonomous government that assumes its powers and does not hide.”

In a meeting with militants in Cartagena, Lastra reminded the ‘popular’ that “hI have had 26 years to respond to the situation of which the Mar Menor was located before putting his hands to his head “.

Lastra has also referred to the episode of anoxia that the lagoon experienced a few days ago. “It is as if nature, rather than speaking, is screaming, it is a cry that warns us of a reality, so we must take care and protect what is home and it belongs to all of us, rivers, lakes, seas “, he stressed, to later show that there is still time to” save “the lagoon,” but for this we need cooperation. ”

Along these lines, he has made it clear that the Government of the nation and the PSOE “continue with their commitment to rescue the Mar Menor with an investment program that exceeds 300 million euros, following the criteria of the scientific community and hand in hand with a citizenry committed to their land “, as demonstrated this Saturday with the ‘hug’ to the Mar Menor.

And it is that, he asserted, the situation of the Mar Menor “It is our priority, a matter of State and that is how it is being managed.” The Spain we want, he defended, “is an environmentalist Spain, because it is not about going to a distress call when it may already be too late, but it is about avoiding that moment, like the one we are living in the Sea Less”.

In a political key, he recalls that “putting an appeal of unconstitutionality to the law that protected the Mar Menor was a political decision that the PP made in 1987 and repeal it in 2001 as well “. “Taking 20 years to make a new regulation that protects the Mar Menor has been another political decision of the PP that has taken for Murcia, which was more concerned about other issues than protecting the environment,” he criticized.

He has advocated for a “sustainable” society because it is the legacy that will be left to future generations. In this sense, he has warned that “Any project that does not incorporate the fight against climate change will be doomed to failure and any policy that is not respectful of the environment is a policy without a future. ”

“Climate change, alert, is already the biggest problem on a global scale created by man, we are experiencing deforestation, air, water, food pollution, increased floods, prolonged droughts, rising sea levels, the disappearance of coastal areas are the realities we have to face. ”

Lastra has pointed out that “in the face of those who deny climate change there are a government, that of Spain, that understands that its fight is for justice, a government that picks up the ecological witness “.

“Responsible for ecocide”

For his part, the secretary general of the PSOE of the Region of Murcia and spokesman for the Socialist Parliamentary Group in the Regional Assembly of Murcia, Diego Conesa, he has blamed the PP for being “responsible for the ecocide of the Mar Menor and the democratic contamination suffered by the Region, protecting illegalities and always buying wills.”

Thus, he recalled the specific measures proposed by the socialist ranks, which go through “a green belt, surgical measures to recover the environment of the Mar Menor and support measures for hotels and tourism.”

Conesa has stressed that “the environmental disaster of the Mar Menor is the largest in the country”, hence the importance in “report breaches of the law.”

The Secretary General of the PSOE of Cartagena, Manolo Torres, has demanded the support of the Executive of the nation to be able to solve the situation in which the lagoon is located. “We must stop this situation, we must recover this privileged environment and change the productive model of the land; it is time,” he said.

“We have been crying out against this ecocide that the PP is doing for too many years and it has been a very complicated situation “Torres has recognized, who has denounced that “the environmental catastrophe of the Mar Menor caused by 26 years of PP policies has caused the lagoon a problem that will last decades.”

He has made it clear that “there will be no solution with this government, subject to the interests of a few and for the improvement to be palpable it is only possible that he leads a government of the PSOE “.

Calls for support for pension reform

On the other hand, Lastra has asked the PP that “support the reform of pensions approved by the Government “; a reform, he said, that” guarantees the purchasing power of the pensions agreed by the social agents and that is good for the citizens. ”

Lastra, who has made these statements in a meeting with militants in Cartagena and during his visit to the Mar Menor, he asked the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, “why he opposes pensions growing the same as the CPI.”

“This is what he has to explain, why he refuses to guarantee the purchasing power of pensioners in the country, to grant security in the present and future,” Lastra questioned, who regrets that the PP, with Casado at the helm, “remains determined to show that the only policy they know how to do is to confront and divide, and they don’t care how good it is for Spain. ”

Hence, he has defended, that the obligation of the PSOE as a democrat and government party is “continue to appeal to responsibility and a sense of state that the main opposition party should have. ”

And, he said, “we Socialists have shown these months how relevant political management is in difficult times, when hoh to tackle the great challenges, as we have demonstrated during the pandemic and as we are doing in the last days in Afghanistan. ”

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