Friday, November 26

The PSOE, blunt: “Those who propose immediate lowering of the light lie”

The socialist spokesman Felipe Sicilia.

The socialist spokesman Felipe Sicilia.

The deputy spokesperson for the PSOE in the Congress, Felipe Sicily, has warned this Sunday that “They are lying” who propose measures so that the electricity bill download “immediately”, because these measures “have already been adopted by the Government.”

Sicilia, which has met in Torremolinos (Málaga) with businessmen from the tourism, hospitality and restaurant sectors, recalled the reduction in VAT on electricity from 21 to 10 percent, the suspension of the tax on power generation “that put the PP” and the withdrawal of the premium that was paid to renewables. He has also highlighted the boost to self-consumption with 1,300 million euros and other measures such as the social bonus or the new extension “to the impossibility of cutting the electricity supply to the most vulnerable families.”

The socialist spokesman recalled that “the formation of the light price is decided in European standards, under a system that Europe has established, and that is generating very high prices “, and that is why the Government” has asked that this system be changed by assuming “very large fluctuations and price rises that are reaching records” .

According to Sicily, the Government “has done what it could in the short term, but the energy system depends on the outside “, because Spain” has to import energy, and it is more expensive than if it is generated here “, and also the gas” has multiplied by four its price “.” If the system depends on the outside, we have to generate clean and renewable energy in our country, which is what has not been done before, but that is not achieved overnight, “he warned.

It has been asked “what has he done PP in the last seven years“In this matter and has added that” it is at least curious “to hear the Galician president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, say that the measure of the PP to lower the price of energy is” lower taxes. “” The PP always has the same solution when he is in opposition, because when he governs, the taxes that are maintained and create other“, has affirmed Sicilia, that has remembered that the popular ones created” the tax to the sun and the tax to the generation “.

Likewise, he has criticized the PP for not having “not a single proposal to lower the electricity bill beyond criticizing the Government”, after “seven years in which it discouraged the country from having a renewable energy park and more. cheap and boycotted the installation of clean energy. ”


On the other hand, he stressed that, “as the Government foresaw”, 70 percent of the vaccinated population has been reached against the coronavirus, despite the fact that “many doomsayers said we would not get there.” Thanks to a “fast and accurate vaccination plan”, Spain is “the first country in the world in terms of the rate of vaccinated population”, something that will be “good for everyone’s health and for the health of the economy,” according to Sicilia.

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