Thursday, December 2

The PSOE disassociates itself from the abortion reforms and the gender violence law promoted by Equality

The Ministry of Equality has put on the table a broad reform of the law on Voluntary termination of pregnancy and has started the procedures to modify the law against gender violence, two legal changes that the PSOE do not look favorably on.

The minister Irene Montero It has set these two objectives for the second leg of the legislature, but the partner government party does not share both approaches: it prefers a limited reform of the abortion law and does not want the law against violence in the field of partner or ex-partner approved in 2004, one of the major socialist milestones in the field of feminism.

Montero steps on the gas

In terms of equality, the approaches of the PSOE and United We Can differ, as could be seen during the tense negotiation of the ley trans. The departure of Carmen Calvo from the Executive calmed the spirits, but as the legislature advances, the Government partners reinforce their positions to mark their own profile.

Pedro Sánchez’s party has strongly embraced the flag of the abolition of prostitution as one of its great feminist causes and defends its historic commitment against sexist violence, while in Unidos Podemos they want to take advantage of the fact that they are in charge of Equality to promote legal reforms with his seal.

With the bill for the comprehensive guarantee of sexual freedom already in Congress and with the draft of the law for the equality of trans people and the guarantee of LGTBI rights approved by the Council of Ministers, Montero’s cabinet has stepped on the accelerator.

In addition to preparing a comprehensive law against trafficking, he wants to lead a substantive change to the 2010 abortion law and expand Law 1/2004 against sexist violence, in which he intends to include the State Pact against Gender Violence to guarantee its permanence, since its financing commitment expires in 2022.

These two laws were great achievements of the PSOE of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero And this week the Socialists have sent signals to Minister Montero that they are not comfortable with the changes they want to introduce in them, since they consider that these issues exceed what was agreed in the Government agreement. In the Ministry they recognize that it is a “Super ambitious agenda”.

The PSOE notices

During Montero’s appearance in the Congress of Deputies, the socialist group transmitted two clear messages to him: that the law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy must be reformed exclusively to return to its original wording -and thus end the need for parental consent so that 16 and 17-year-old girls can have an abortion- and that the State Pact is a “Political agreement” that must be renewed in Congress and the Senate, not in the law against gender violence.

Despite these assertions of the parliamentary group, Equality sources explain to THE PERIODIC OF SPAIN, a newspaper that belongs to this group, Prensa Ibérica, that within the Government there has been no “No distancing” nor any warning about the “roadmap” of the Ministry, although they recognize that it will be necessary to “negotiate and work a lot” at different levels to reach the maximum understanding and beyond what was agreed in the coalition agreement.

They recall from Equality that the public consultation of the abortion law was agreed with the Ministry of Health and it recognizes that there are “obstacles that have hindered the effective and full exercise” of the rights contained in the norm and offers a diagnosis that shows that “the situation can be improved in terms of public service ”, issues that justify its reform.

The draft of the law will be prepared in December and Equality wants to end the need for parental consent for 16 and 17 year old girls and with the three days of reflection to interrupt the pregnancy, guarantee that the public health centers practice these interruptions and address obstetric violence, bad practices during childbirth.

The possibility of rto regulate conscientious objection of doctors and the consideration of obstetric malpractices as violence are two issues in which disagreements are expected between government partners. Socialist deputy Laura Berja advised Montero in Congress that the abortion law should only be changed for the issue of parental consent, as set out in the coalition agreement, and that the rest of the measures to improve compliance must be included in the National Strategy for Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Berja also said that, regarding the State Pact against Gender Violence, what must be done is to implement “to the last measure” and renew it as a “political, institutional and social agreement” in Congress and the Senate: “The 2004 law and the State Pact are the necessary tools to address the comprehensively violence in the partner or ex-partner, what we have to do is fulfill them”, He assured in the Lower House.

Days after this socialist wake-up call, the Ministry of Equality opens the prior public consultation on Monday to modify the law against gender violence.

Renew the pact

The delegate of the Government against Gender Violence, Victoria Rosell, explained at a press conference that the priority objective would be to institutionalize the measures of the Pact, guarantee their permanent financing by law, although it considers that its modification constitutes a “Opportunity” to do “tinkering” how to extend the scope of the law to all forms of violence against women.

The sources of Equality consulted are optimistic with the future of their projects and assure that nothing indicates that “there is going to be a problem” in these two issues, although they do not forget that there may be specific moments in which “things get more difficult ”. That conjuncture has already occurred in the past, but they influence that finally they overcame the pitfalls. “So far things have been going well for us,” they conclude.

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