Monday, September 25

The PSOE does not support the proposal of Cabezas to give the Mayor’s Office of Badajoz to the PP

Ricardo Cabezas with Rafael Lemus in the Plaza de España in Badajoz. / TODAY

The provincial secretary of the party assures that they would never support the popular ones to achieve a municipal government


The provincial secretary of the PSOE, Rafael Lemus, has disavowed this afternoon the suggestion of his party colleague, Ricardo Cabezas, when this morning he spoke of removing Ignacio Gragera from the mayor’s office of Badajoz so that someone from the PP could lead the city, a maneuver that, according to Cabezas, the socialist municipal group would endorse with their votes. “I suppose that these statements have been made by (Cabezas) on a personal level because in the game it has not been debated nor will it be debated,” Rafael Lemus told TODAY.

According to Lemus, the PSOE will “never” make a move that serves to give the Popular Party a mayor’s office, and he recalled how his party filed councilors from Oliva de la Frontera for agreeing with the PP by dividing that mayor’s office for two years each. .

Lemus agrees that the Badajoz City Council “is in chaos.” It is due, in his opinion, “to the weakening of the PP, which in two consecutive elections has reached agreements with Cs and the first time it was a disaster and this time they have everything paralyzed”, but that does not mean that the PSOE collaborates so that the mayor’s office that Ciudadanos now holds passes to the Popular Party, the general secretary of the province, Rafael Lemus, has settled.

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“I am Secretary General”

Ricardo Cabezas, before Lemus’s statements, has admitted to HOY that the proposal to support the PP has been made without consulting the party. “I am Secretary General, recently re-elected”, he has indicated.

Cabezas has clarified, yes, that he has not proposed a motion of censure. According to the socialist leader, the initiative would have to come from the Popular Party, but he is willing to support them. The reasoning is that “what is known as evil is better, because the popular proverb is very wise.” The local PSOE spokesman explains that, although with poor management, “that’s why I won the elections” the popular ones have experience and “institutional responsibility” in the Badajoz government.

The local general secretary assures that, in case of having presented a motion of censure, he would have consulted the PSOE before and insists on the need to end the current government in the City Council.

As he explained to HOY, the proposal he has made to the PP has not been improvised. “Comes from afar”. He has made the announcement at the end of a press conference on the problem of the extraordinary services of the Local Police, but the socialist leader assures that there are many more reasons that demonstrate “the blockade that exists in the different municipal services.”

“There are more things. Suppliers are charging more than three months later, which did not happen before, there are complaints from sports clubs such as BMX or skating, it is an organizational disaster. The degree of execution of the impulse plans, which we support, is laughable », she assures.

“This is sinking and nobody is saying anything,” laments Cabezas, who assures that the blockade is due to the confrontation between the PP and CS and that stability is needed to face the remaining 11 months of the legislature.

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