Sunday, December 5

The PSOE harshly charges against the PP: “They do not understand human rights”

Pedro Sánchez receives Afghan citizens in Torrejón.

Pedro Sánchez receives Afghan citizens in Torrejón.

The Secretary of International Relations of the PSOE, Héctor Gómez, has regretted the “null commitment” of the opposition, specifically from the Popular Party, in matters such as the evacuation of personnel in Afghanistan or the crisis in Ceuta, since, in his opinion, “does not understand the general interest, neither of Spain nor of human rights“.

In statements collected by EP, Gómez has shown “concern” for the opposition parties for, in his opinion, not committing themselves nor “pitch in” on matters of international relevance. “Unfortunately we do not have a responsible opposition, they have already demonstrated it with Morocco, and this time they have demonstrated it once again,” said Gómez, referring to the government’s management of the evacuation in Afghanistan.

However, he stressed that the Government has worked in a “committed” and united way with the partners of NATO and the EU “regardless of political colors“and prioritizing the” general interest “to face the great international conflicts.

Likewise, it has valued the statements of the international community on the management of Spain, influencing the “fast” and “responsible” repatriation work that has been carried out.

In this context, he has indicated that the Executive of Pedro Sánchez will continue to work from “multilateralism” with “European partners” to confront common against “terrorist dynamics” that destabilize. Specifically, he said, collaborating “the next few days” with the United States in the military bases of Rota and Morón.

Reestablish relationships

Regarding diplomatic relations with Morocco, Gómez has assured that “fortunately” relations with the neighboring country are “normalizing” and he has admitted that for Spain it was a “huge challenge”. “We trust that relations can be reestablished within a framework of trust, respect for international law, permanent cooperation as a strategic partner and within a neighborhood framework,” he declared.

In addition, he wanted to highlight the action of “extreme commitment and responsibility” of the Government with the people who crossed the border to reach Ceuta.

Gomez has regretted, again, that the main opposition party, in his opinion, “has not been up to the task” at a critical time for Spain such as the crisis in Ceuta. He has assured that Pablo Casado had contacts with “ultranationalist” formations in Morocco that defend Moroccan sovereignty over Ceuta and Melilla behind “the government’s back” and has reproached him for not having yet given explanations about those conversations, something that in his opinion shows a “null commitment to Spain” and “destabilizes” the image and the project of Spain.

The Government will assume its responsibility

In relation to the environmental disaster that occurs in the Mar Menor, Gómez has assured that the PSOE is going to take “urgent measures” hand in hand with the Government of the Region of Murcia, headed by the popular Fernando López Miras, with the aim of “mitigating it”.

In the same way, he has argued that, despite the fact that there are actions that should have been carried out a long time ago, the central government is going to act and “assume” its responsibility to minimize the impact and “put an end to the dynamics that are He is living in the Mar Menor, “he indicated.

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