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The PSOE imposes on Podemos the veto to 8-M to close at Easter



There cannot be March 8 in the street and the autonomies closed at Easter. This is the incongruity that, this time, Moncloa has not wanted to commit and the Government has decided that the criterion of Health prevails over other considerations and ideologies.

It was not by chance that yesterday the Public Health Commission endorsed limiting mobility the next holiday period, counting on the placet of the communities, and the Government Delegation in Madrid appeared publicly to retract its decision to allow the marches that the next few days March 6, 7 and 8 celebrate the Women’s Day with respect to safety regulations. But if 8-M 2020 will be remembered for the recklessness of celebrating it in the middle of the first lethal breath of the virus, this one in 2021 will do so because it will be the courts (the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid) that end up deciding whether or not it can be gather feminism at various points in the center of the capital.

That Health maintained a vivid pulse with Equality had been made more than clear by the owner of the branch, Carolina Darias, which in the end has been imposed – with the acquiescence of the president Pedro Sanchez– to the United We Can faction, which did encourage women to march next Monday for their International Day. Darias remarked that “there is no place” for 8-M just when communities were asked to be more forceful at Easter, even those like Madrid that were (and are) willing to open up to mobility between regions during the festive period .

The Government lowered the pretenses to Podemos and marked that, in the face of Christmas and the emotional component of celebrating the end of the year with loved ones, this time the ambiguous message would not be repeated and it would be closed. Socialist sources consulted indicate that they could not allow themselves to be splattered by the consequences of a fourth wave, although it was warmer in length and virulence than the rest, with the confluence of several coronavirus mutations in national territory and always with the ‘syndrome of the previous 8-M ‘, that of 2020 turned into a’ super focus’ of contagion, stuck in vein.

Health warned Equality and the minister of the branch, Irene Montero, Despite the ups and downs in his speech, he ended up agreeing to the cry to “take to the streets again” given by his Secretary of State for Equality and right hand Noelia Vera on February 23 he stayed with a decaffeinated slogan. Last Sunday in an interview, Montero was intimidated and admitted that he was going to comply with sanitary regulations, which did not undermine the claims of feminism.

Last Wednesday, in another interview on TVE, the minister of purple training signed it: the “no place” was in command and even if all the safety regulations were met, she, as a representative of a government that had made a unanimous decision, He would not participate in the marches, but he did invite us to celebrate. Equality and its leaders have cheered from different public pulpits (including the Congress of Deputies, through the deputy Sofia Castañón) that the women march on March 8. Even yesterday, in a union act within the program of activities organized for this 2021 (which has the slogan ‘Because they are women’), Montero repeated that the decision of the Government delegate to prohibit the concentrations of March 7 and 8 is a “clear sign of feminism.”

“We will be in the streets”

“It is an attack on women, their reality and their demands” is an interpretation that various feminist organizations and platforms launched yesterday when they saw a right that has been allowed in other groups and protests torpedoed. Ana garcia, spokesman for the Free and Combative Students union, lamented the “sectarian” ideology that vetoes thousands of women from raising their common cry on Monday. The students, like the rest of 350 member entities of the Feminist Movement of Madrid, will concentrate anyway on Monday and will defy the government ban. They face fines of 100 to 600 euros in the case of minor infractions; and if they disturb public safety, between 601 and 30,000 euros. The Government delegate in Madrid, Jose Manuel Franco, maintains that it would violate public health. The Delegation assures that a hundred acts have been rejected, among them the central act of the Femnista 8-M Commission that was going to bring together no less than 10,000 people in the center of Madrid, for more than two hours, to end in the Plaza de Colón.

The response from unions such as the student union and the UGT is to appeal the government’s decision. They accused Franco of honoring his surname and “behaving in a dictatorial manner.” And the movement, grouped, the 8-M Commission calling for the demonstrations denounced the ban. «It is a democratic right. We go out during the hard months of confinement to take care of our neighbors, to work and consume, but they want to prohibit us from going out to protest. The feminist movement will be on March 8 ”.

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