Monday, April 19

“The PSOE is a haven for coup plotters, batasunos, squatters and Bolivarians”




The electoral campaign has not officially started, but the decibels have already started to rise exponentially. If yesterday it was the President of the Government himself, Pedro Sanchez, who attacked the regional leader and PP candidate, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, whom he accused of “crossing his arms in the face of the pandemic” and generating “a record of lack of control and chaos”; Today it has been the popular leader who has responded forcefully by pointing to the PSOE by have become ‘a refuge for coup plotters, batasunos, squatters and Bolivarians ».

For Ayuso, the culprits of this turn of the PSOE are his government partners, a “communist, anti-system, openly civil war and whose declared objective is to end the 1978 model.” In his opinion, “Podemos and its circles have taken it to extremes until it is unrecognizable to the historical socialists themselves.”

«Who polarizes, who excludes, who confronts, who fanaticizes? Perhaps I am not the fanatic or the polarizer », Diaz Ayuso has questioned in an informative breakfast of EP, after listing a battery of reproaches accumulated during this year of management of the pandemic. “Serious cards are distributed to those who have not been able to visit the two most innovative hospitals in the world in the fight against Covid (Ifema and Zendal)”; «They invented a committee of experts to leave Madrid behind in the phase passes, or they imposed, by breaking the rules, the agreements not reached in the inter-territorial commissions, always manipulating the sanitary figures of Madrid»; “They give feminist homilies while they have multiplied female unemployment”; «The public school also confronts the private one, the special education with the general; and polarize and face public health with private»; «They harass the private company and confront it with the public; They denounce and ridicule the services sector, the hotel industry and tourism; or they despise agriculture; they confront the primary and tertiary sectors with the industrial sector ”, the still regional president stressed.

Díaz Ayuso believes that while “Spain is in danger,” the Sánchez government “only practices propaganda” and is obsessed “with fighting” against Madrid. Faced with this “harassment”, as Diaz Ayuso has called it, he has defended that in the Community he has “treated everyone as adults, leaving no one behind, without telling them how to live.” “We have demonstrated, in a pioneering way, that in the pandemic, public and private healthcare together complemented each other and saved lives. Culture has remained open and is safe», Has claimed.

He has also puffed out his chest direct aid planapproved in the last Governing Council for all sectors excluded by the Sánchez Executive and recalled that the approval of the draft of the Open Market Law, to “remove obstacles and open Madrid to companies from all regions of Spain.”

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