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The PSOE leaves Franco and Gabilondo behind and dilutes the fiasco in Madrid in a joint responsibility to calm tensions




The PSOE moves some pieces to try to avoid greater evils derived from the bad results in the Community of Madrid on May 4. José Manuel Franco ceases to be the regional leader of the party and Ángel Gabilondo will not collect his deputy certificate. A sacrifice that was not offered 24 hours ago despite the celebration of the Regional Executive of the Madrid Socialists.

The movement complies with the demands of those in the party who demanded gestures towards society after the electoral debacle, to convey the idea that the renewal of the party is already underway. All covered with the idea of ​​shared responsibility to avoid more drastic measures and to calm the tense spirits between Ferraz, La Moncloa and the Madrid PSOE.

José Luis Ábalos has rejected “a reckoning” from Ferraz to Moncloa and defended “collectively assuming all responsibility.” When many in the party again point to Iván Redondo and his team in Moncloa, Ábalos’ words are interpreted as an exoneration for failure: “We are not from the politics of contempt for those who have tried to contribute, successfully or without success, We are not from that culture, we want to treat our people well, to whom they have contributed ”, because even though things have gone wrong“ they have tried with the best of purposes ”.

This movement joins the decision to settle the debate in Andalusia and anticipate the primaries, which reopens the hostilities between the supporters of Susana Díaz, in a waning phase, and the opponents of the former Andalusian president who will gather around the mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas.

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Ábalos has appeared after the meeting of the federal Executive held this afternoon and wanted to thank José Manuel Franco, after he presented his resignation as regional leader, “for his loyalty, commitment and work at the head of this responsibility.” The Organization secretary recalled that he is still a member of the Government, as secretary of state for sports, and that Franco “will always have the recognition of the entire party, of course from this federal leadership.” He also recalled that he was one of the people who supported Pedro Sánchez in his career to regain the leadership of the PSOE in 2017. “He will continue to be part of the team,” Ábalos said.

The departure of Franco is justified in the note sent by the PSOE-M as a firewall to stop the controversy. “That the bad result is not used to attack the PSOE and the Government of Spain”, says that note. But Ábalos has said that Franco “does not intend to assume any responsibility” because those that exist “are shared.” And that Franco, in any case, “will have an aliquot part like the others.” At the moment it is not decided who will make up the party manager in Madrid. There will be no Extraordinary Congress, which should be held in July, and the forecast of renewing the party in the ordinary at the end of the year will be maintained.

Although he did not want to express it in his initial speech, to questions from the press Ábalos has confirmed that Ángel Gabilondo will not collect the minutes as a deputy in the Madrid Assembly. The number three of the PSOE has been upset that he had moved that he was going to hold on to the position, ensuring that he was always very clear about what Gabilondo’s decision was going to be.

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However, neither Franco nor Gabilondo made this decision yesterday. Rather the complete opposite. The regional executive of the party opted for an “orderly transition” towards the next ordinary Regional Congress, at the end of the year. And from the Gabilondo team they transferred that the candidate “will collect his deputy certificate and will continue working in the Madrid Assembly and does not consider resigning.” And they added that “we deny any information that claims otherwise.”

But 24 hours later the rectification has become apparent. Positions of the Madrid PSOE, among them important mayors, state that it was necessary to express before the citizens the assumption of some kind of responsibility. Although in the party there is a general feeling that neither Franco nor Gabilondo are the main ones, and certainly not the only ones, responsible for the debacle. Although they are pointed out as responsible for not having made a harsh opposition to Díaz Ayuso. Something that Ábalos himself has recognized, although he has justified it: “It is true that he has not made a strong opposition and wear and tear because we felt co-responsible in the fight against the pandemic.”

The federal Executive of the PSOE has ratified the opening of the primary process in Andalusia to choose the candidate in eventual elections to the Junta de Andalucía. They have no date. But the PSOE says it is convinced that President Moreno Bonilla could dissolve the autonomous chamber at the time that is most favorable to him.

Regarding the analysis of the results, Ábalos has assured that they have not put “hot cloths” on this defeat, although he has once again rejected “extrapolating results to the rest of Spain.” Most of his analysis has referred to the party’s inability to connect with the mood of Madrid society at times highly conditioned by pandemic fatigue. Instead, what they do extrapolate is “the liquidation of the Citizens’ political project promoted by the PP.”

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The also Minister of Transport has rejected changes of course in the legislature. “The results are not going to condition the Government of Spain.” Ábalos has certified that the intention is to be able to leave the pandemic behind and be “very focused on economic reactivation.”

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