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The PSOE of Alcoy agrees with Cs and Podem to carry out the budget

Place where the new roundabout will be built in the north access to the city.

Place where the new roundabout will be built in the north access to the city.

The socialist government team of Alcoy has secured the approval of the municipal budget for 2021 by agreeing with Ciudadanos (Cs) and Podem to include in the accounts of some demands raised by these formations. In this way, the City Council will set as objectives the construction of the roundabout in the north access and the development of the public municipal services company, whose start-up was approved at the end of 2020, among others. In return, both Cs and Podem will support the budget.

The reform of the north entrance to the city is the main commitment that the orange party has started from the government team. In addition, an item of 200,000 euros will be included for the future museum dedicated to Camilo Sesto. For the Cs spokesperson, Rosa García, this latest project is “of vital importance”, since it will be “a great focus of attraction” towards Alcoy due to the relevance of the late artist. Also, the mayor stressed that the roundabout of the N-340 is key “for the economic development of the city.”

The mayor, Toni Francés, indicated that this work will be carried out with the funds for the reform of industrial estates that the City Council has requested from the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE). As he said, he already has the permission of the Ministry of Transport, owner of the road, although authorization must be requested again to carry out the works because the previous one expired a few months ago, as this newspaper reported.

Consecutive press conferences held yesterday by the mayor of Alcoy, Toni Francés, and the mayor of the Treasury, Vanessa Moltó, with the spokesmen for Cs and Podem. | INFORMATION

For its part, Podem has managed to include in the budget an item of 600,000 euros to promote public housing policies, and another of 30,000 for the Municipal Housing Observatory. The sewerage network in the Batoy neighborhood will also be renovated, with 300,000 euros, and the surroundings of the San Pancracio neighborhood will be rehabilitated. The spokesman for the purple formation, Cristian Santiago, also highlighted the “opportunity to revitalize our economy” through “green policies.” Likewise, the public company of municipal services whose creation has already been approved will be developed. Santiago defended that his proposals will contribute to “improving the lives of the people,” and stressed that “we are the only ones who have committed to voting yes in the plenary session” of the entire opposition.

The PSOE needed the support or at least the abstention of one of the opposition groups to carry out the budget, which will be addressed in the regular plenary session this Friday. The way is clear after negotiations with these two groups, which have been conducted separately with each of them. This was staged yesterday with the convocation of two different press conferences, although followed, by the mayor and the Councilor for the Treasury, Vanessa Moltó, with the respective spokesmen for Cs and Podem. In fact, Moltó’s intervention at the beginning of each of the appearances was almost traced. The mayor thanked the support for both formations, and highlighted the consensus, because citizens, she said, could not understand “that a moment like this we are not able to understand each other.”

The PSOE of Alcoy agrees with Cs and Podem to carry out the budget

Toni Francés, for his part, had more specific words for each of the groups. De Podem pointed out that “it is with whom we most share the strategic vision of what Alcoy should be”, and valued its “capacity for dialogue and agreement, and its exercise of responsibility.” Also, de Cs pointed out that with his proposals “he has improved the 2021 budget.” The mayor insisted on the “greater generosity” implied by consensus with other forces, and recalled the “willingness to collect proposals from other political forces”, without citing any in particular except Compromís, who, he said, has also announced your support for the accounts to be voted on on Friday.

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