Friday, December 3

The PSOE of Madrid seeks to reconfigure itself before Más Madrid consolidates in the region

Ayala and Lobato dispute the leadership of the PSOE-M in primaries.

“More Madrid as a party can be a fake, but the leadership of Monica Garcia it is without a doubt the strongest of any of the parties in the opposition right now. “These are the words of someone who knows the different left-wing parties in Madrid well, but there is a large fraction of the PSOE of the Community of Madrid that he doubts that the first part is true. And in the primaries that are held today to elect the new secretary general of the formation, the Madrid socialists seek, among others, to rearm themselves organically and ideologically before that possibility.

The territorial structure of PSOE in the region it is not comparable to that of the two parties that dispute the votes of the left. Neither More Madrid nor We can reach in number of militants (around 14,000), territorial organizations, councilors (more than 600) or mayors (almost 60) of the PSOE, but given the “magnitude of the disaster” of the last elections and the movements that are taking place to their left, the socialists seek to get a run before their main opponent on that side of the ideological arc, More Madrid, settle and strengthen its organic or assembly skeleton in the region.

Strengthen the party

A member of the socialist formation points out that the “territorial roots” of Más Madrid is not yet a problem for the PSOE today, but warns that it may be one year from now when they face the next electoral call out of 2023 if they have not done their homework since their own training. The leadership that emerges from today’s primaries will have to strengthen the party internally, rebuild it and re-excite its bases and supporters to stop those of Monica Garcia keep attracting new affiliates.

According to the data from Más Madrid, the roots of training in the Community are slowly growing. The overtaking from this party to the PSOE in the past 4-M It meant an acceleration in the number of affiliates for Mónica García’s team (about 700 more since the campaign), the registration of more than a thousand volunteers (1,302) or attorneys-in-fact (1,590). Since then they have worked to strengthen the participation of their people in the different municipalities, consolidating, on the one hand, 25 assemblies new in different municipalities of the Community and growing in those that are already settled in Madrid capital, and on the other, with 13 sectoral assemblies. His strength is in the south, southeast and the northwest highlands of the Community, but they assure that there is a certain territorial balance in terms of militants and they have a training plan in place in different areas with which they trust to continue extending their networks throughout the territory.

Left wing project

This organic front, which facilitates mobilization in times of the campaign, also joins the possibility that the left-wing platform of Yolanda Diaz gain strength also at the regional level if finally Monica Garcia chooses to become its electoral arm in the region. The PSOE-M that emerges from today’s contest will have to deal with both things. Although it remains to be seen, if the alliance of women leaders occurs and the current opposition leader in the Assembly chooses to go for free without the support of Iñigo ErrejónWhere will those bases in which the party now invests its time will be?

In the PSOE there are those who consider that the overtaking that occurred in the last 4-M elections in Madrid have more to do with a bad campaign by the then candidate, Angel Gabilondo, and with the emergence of uncertainty by the pandemic than with the fragility of the party. And to show, they say, the success he obtained in the previous ones, where he won Isabel Diaz Ayuso but he could not rule because Citizens He preferred to support the Popular Party. But in the face of this argument, another comrade from the party points out that not even in a convulsive moment for the right, with the division produced in 2019 and the problems that were still dragged by the national censure motion and the corruptionEven then, the PSOE-M did not achieve a sufficient majority.

In any case, the different sources consulted believe that Madrid’s socialism has an opportunity to strengthen and modernize the party in these primaries and they trust that the new secretary general, whoever he may be, will have the capacity to stop the advance of the remaining parties. your left and center the confrontation in Ayuso.

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