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The PSOE of Orihuela denounces that the gel dispensers “promised in September” are not contracted

Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers to be installed in Orihuela

Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers to be installed in Orihuela
Tony Sevilla

The socialist mayor of Orihuela Maria Garcia has unveiled today that the hydroalcoholic gel dispensers announced by the Department of Emergencies and Health last August for its launch in mid-September are still not being contracted. “It is shameful that more than two months later and with the one who is falling they laugh in this way at the Oriolanos. Fortunately, the schools have started without having to wait for the council to provide them with this service. The thing is that everyone here is doing their part, but the Orihuela government, where is it? ” the mayor asks.

The socialist affirms that it is “embarrassing“this performance because” if the PSOE does not ask for registry on October 22 to Health and Emergencies on these dispensers nor is the proposal for hiring that arrived on October 28, six days after our writing began to process this minor contract that can be resolved in 48 hours ”. García affirms that this shows once again “how little the government works, because only the usual remains, the photo and the noise, and they are forgotten, but the problems of the people remain unsolvable. When are they going to stop do political Marketing and think about making a policy that can really relieve Oriolanos. Is this what the pandemic matters to them?

The mayor of the PSOE, María García, this morning INFORMATION

The Department of Emergencies announced the installation of the devices, which work with sunlight, will dispense up to 20,000 doses would be placed in spaces such as schools, institutes or public spaces with a large concentration of people pTo reinforce hygienic-sanitary security in the municipality and that they would be in September.

For the councilor, the most alarming thing is not only that “they are late” to apply this measure in schools, institutes and areas of great affluence as announced, but according to the response of the Department of Emergencies only nine dispensers are to be purchased and their location is unknown. “This is ridiculous, what are they going to do with nine dispensers? It is insufficient for the educational centers of Orihuela and municipal buildings. Who are they going to discriminate against? What about the centers of Orihuela Costa and districts?”, Said the mayor, who has made public that the cost of each dispenser is 725 euros, plus VAT, which means a cost of more than 7000 euros. “It was better that that money had been spent on cleaning materials, masks and gels for families with lower incomes and thus help them prevent infections. The truth is that this government does very little to help citizens and what little, He does it badly and late, “Garcia concluded.

The mayor of Emergencies, Víctor Valverde (on the right), the day he presented the dispensers, in August TONY SEVILLA

For his part, the mayor of Emergencies, Victor Valverde, has been very upset with the statements of the mayor of the PSOE. Valverde has pointed out that “it is not who to set the rhythms of the council” and has ensured that the dispensers, acquired from an Oriolana company, are going to be placed in spaces likely to have a greater influx of people and that at the beginning of the course there was a regulation that established more accesses in schools “which complicates the installation”.

The mayor of the PP has said that it is “false” that the contract began after the question of councilor María García in plenary session, as stated by the mayor, but It began on September 26 with the communication of the Emergency area to Contracting of the need to open the file for the acquisition of dispensers. “Starting at 3,600 euros we have to ask for three estimates and we have asked various companies in the market and in Spain there are not so many companies photovoltaic hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, so we had to make the mandatory report in which the contract was awarded exclusively to that company “, Valverde explained. Councilor has recognized that at first it was thought to install them in schools and other public spaces, such as parks, but that the protocols of the health authorities in the face of the pandemic have been changing, such as the closure of parks, for example.

The mayor of Emergencies has announced that One of the dispensers will be placed at the bus and taxi stop on La Zenia Boulevard, in central streets in the center of Orihuela and where seasonal workers are concentrated to work, such as Los Huertos. “We are adapting day by day and it is difficult to plan,” said Víctor Valverde.

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