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The PSOE recovers the slogan “Salvemos Sinforosa” that mobilized residents in 1991 to defend green space

Image of the Doña Sinforosa park, next to the Acequión beach, within the bay of Torrevieja

Image of the Doña Sinforosa park, next to the Acequión beach, within the bay of Torrevieja

The PSOE has released a video in which it collects the mobilization of this formation, Los Verdes and the disappeared CDS to avoid that at the beginning of the nineties the plot of Doña Sinforosa, which now houses the garden on eight thousand square meters of the same name , outside urbanized with several blocks of flats. In a press release the socialists remember this claim that took the neighbors to the street when defending this space from the “reorganization” programmed by a promoter that includes in its construction project two towers of 26 heights the “integration” of the garden in the new urban space, in essence, to communicate the two towers with the beach. The plot in which the buildings that will touch the ninety meters of height are planned is located between the avenue of Gregorio Marañón, the Acequión canal and Sinforosa street. Between that farm and the beach is the green space.

Among other provisions that appear textually in the urbanization preliminary project for public display is the relocation of eucalyptus trees that the company considers “not compatible” with its reorganization, something that the PP government team, which has given the go-ahead to the processing in the governing board, denies. The PP assures that the project only improves the green space and that the larger trees – some with a height equivalent to seven stories and that would cover the views of the towers – will remain.

For the socialists “Unfortunately these days the motto” Let’s save Sinforosa “vIt is once again on the lips of many Torrevieja residents who are not willing for this singular public space to be integrated into the construction of the Baraka Towers “.

The PSOE recalls that in 1991 a demonstration organized by the opposition took place with the aim of stopping the urban policy of the Popular Party of the city, with the previous popular mayor, Pedro Angel Hernandez Mateo, at the head and to which the video recalls his condition of “ex-convict” – he served three years in prison for corruption.

According to the PSOE “after several massive demonstrations, the City Council changed its mind, thus stopping construction in the area. The video shows historical images of the protesters, among whom we find socialist militants and supporters who raised their voices to prevent building in that area. space”.

The PSOE of Torrevieja understands that the objective should be the conservation and improvement of public parks for the maximum enjoyment of Torrevieja residents and visitors. “However, the PP of Torrevieja opts for concrete, for the construction of towers of more than twenty-five floors high along the entire coast of the city when wanting to approve projects like this that have such a negative influence on spaces so beloved by all like the Doña Sinforosa Park “, according to the same source.

The Socialists “reaffirm ourselves in initiatives such as the one of 1991 and we trust that Eduardo Dolón and the Popular Party of Torrevieja will reverse this nonsense.” The PSOE defends “the need to reinforce all the aspects that influence public spaces and the urban landscape in a general way to improve the quality of life in our city in a very broad sense. In short, the image of the city must be a It is a matter for all citizens and deserves a common response. ”

From an urban point of view, the construction of the towers, if the promoter company finally has the capacity to carry out the project, is irreversible. This plot, along with three others located on the Torrevieja coastline, are contemplated in the modification of the General Plan approved in 2010 and in which the construction of up to twenty buildings between 17 and 26 heights is contemplated: nine in the Los Náufragos beach, two in Doña Sinforosa, three in Campico de San Mamés and three in Palangre cove. A building typology to take advantage of the soils on which it has not yet been built by the sea and that breaks with the vertical growth limit in the city, which has been located on six heights and an attic. If the City Council wanted to go back on the projects, it would face multi-million dollar compensation because the developers have promoted the projects, which are already in different stages of processing, with a certain expectation of raising their housing project vertically and of which they must consecrate the half to hotel accommodation.

In fact, during the previous municipal government formed by left-wing parties, the Urban Planning area, managed by the PSOE, processed the requests of the companies that own these lands since it is a regulated procedure that the municipality cannot refuse to manage. It was the case of these Torres de Baraka, but also the Don Sento towers and the Metrovacesa skyscrapers. During the current mandate, progress has been made in the processing of the towers in Los Náufragos.

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