Wednesday, July 28

The PSOE requires Barcala to intervene in Cleaning due to delays in the management

Barcala and Sanguino, in a stock image

Barcala and Sanguino, in a stock image

The socialist municipal group demands that the mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala, that “intervene “the Department of Cleaning after the delays in the management. He asks for it after expiring the extension for the drafting of the new cleaning model. The Socialists, through a statement, assure that they do not explain “the lack of rigor on the part of Barcala after repeatedly failing to meet the deadlines for the drafting of the new Local Waste Plan and the Zonal Plan, documents that should have been written, exposed and approved at the beginning of this year and whose contract for its writing expired on January 7. ”

According to him Socialist spokesman, Francesc Sanguino, “This city cannot tolerate more deadlines or more commitments being breached.” “And much less can we allow the PP to avoid self-criticism by pretending to show an Alicante that not only is not cleaner, but is not even cleaner after a year of limitations in mobility due to the pandemic ”, adds Sanguino, who affirms that“ less than five months after the expiration of the contract, we only know that they are going to extend a service with which nobody is happy, and not even the government team knows how going to do it. “If Alicante had a Mayor committed to its appearance and the management of its waste, Barcala would have already intervened in the Department of Cleaning,” he adds.

The lack of foresight, as the Socialists insist, forced the Alicante City Council to “extend its drafting for three more months, expiring this new term on April 7”. “In the session of the Commission for monitoring the contract held yesterday, when asked by the members of the Municipal Socialist Group, it was found that the Councilor for Cleaning was not even aware of the expiration of that period,” they add.

This documentation is essential, according to the Socialists, “in defining the new management and contracting model for street cleaning, the collection and management of our waste.” “A service whose last hiring process, recalls the PSOE, was more than controversial due to the debts dragged in the disastrous management of the PP, its hiring conditions that only one company could choose, and the 31% reduction in its budget with respect to the previous one, leaving the city immersed in a garbage crisis that we drag until today, “says the statement in which Sanguino indicates that the government team” is more aware of how they are going to extend the contract again before of extending it, that of the conditions in which they are going to extend it. “” This city is tired of patches that inherited from the incapacity of the PP now and in the time of Castedo, when a service was designed that has placed us as a benchmark of what not to do. Alicante has the opportunity to turn the page in the cleaning area, but for this, Barcala cannot continue to hide from the commitments to which this City Council is legally obliged to respond. We will demand another weekly Commission to supervise the development of our new cleaning model, if they do not want to assume their responsibility, we will do so from the opposition ”, he concludes.

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