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The PSOE spokesman in Valencia acted as a lawyer for socialist positions involved in corruption crimes




The deputy secretary general of the PSPV-PSOE and spokesman for the socialist group in the Valencian Cortes, Manolo Mata, resigned his exclusive dedication as a parliamentarian (the equivalent of four hundred euros a month on his payroll) in January of last year to resume his professional activity as a lawyer.

A month later, the “number two” of Ximo Puig He assumed the defense of two socialist positions in the so-called “Alquería case.” It was about Victor Jimenez, former mayor of the Valencian town of Rocafort for the PSPV-PSOE, and Vicente Lucas Ferrando Zapater, former president of the socialist management company in the La Hoya de Buñol-Chiva region.

The two socialist leaders were charged by the Court of Instruction number 9 of Valencia after having been “plugged in”, along with other charges of the PSPV and Commitment, in the public company Divalterra, dependent on the Provincial Council.

In the Alquería case, the crimes of prevarication and embezzlement allegedly committed in the appointments of senior managers, “Based on political patronage or convenience”, with a loss to the public coffers estimated at 1.12 million euros.

The cause, for which an indictment has already been issued for, among others, the former socialist president of the Valencia Provincial Council Jorge Rodriguez, and to Victor Jimenez, currently away from active politics, was the first media case that Manolo Mata assumed after his journey between 2015 and 2019 in which he stopped practicing Law to dedicate himself exclusively to his parliamentary tasks.

Now, the opisition demands Ximo Puig the dismissal of Mata as socialist spokesman in the Valencian Cortes after the also «number two» of the PSPV has assumed the defense of Jaime Febrer, considered by the investigators as the leader of the operation Azud.

In this case, the case investigates the alleged collection of illegal commissions in urban operations and awarding of public contracts it is open, under summary secret, in the Court of Instruction number 13 of the capital of Turia for the crimes of prevarication, bribery, document falsification, money laundering, influence peddling and illicit association.

Among the detainees is the former subdelegate of the Government in Valencia Rafael Rubio (dismissed the same day he was arrested) and the former head of Finance of the PSPV-PSOE appears as investigated Pepe Catalonia.

Manolo Mata made the decision to defend the Jaime Febrer after visiting him in the Picassent prison, as he revealed «The Provinces ». The Socialist spokesman maintains that “it is not a party decision” and that “no one” from the PSPV asked him to meet with the man whom the Central Operative Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard places at the epicenter of the plot of million dollar bites related to urban operations and contract awards in the Valencia City Council, other consistories of the Valencian Community and various local and state public entities between 2004 and 2011.

The PP asks for the resignation and Puig is silent

Manolo Mata maintains that his action is legal, rejects “conspiracy theories” and maintains that there is no conflict of interest. In this regard, the Code of Ethics for the Legal Profession in Spain it explains that a lawyer “cannot accept the defense of conflicting interests with others he is defending, or with those of the lawyer himself.”

This Monday, the president of the PP in the Valencian Community, Carlos Mazon, has demanded that Mata “leave” the post of socialist spokesman or that “Ximo Puig makes him leave.” To date, the president of the Generalitat and secretary general of the PSPV-PSOE has not ruled in public on this matter.

The Valencian Courts have agreed to set up an investigative commission on this case of urban corruption, which will be held when the summary secrecy is lifted. PP and Ciudadanos have already announced that they will summon Mata to explain his role as a lawyer for one of the detainees in the plot, which they have described as “Stratospheric scandal”.

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