Thursday, August 18

The PSOE stops an institutional declaration condemning ETA so that the PP “does not use it”

Eva Granados, PSOE spokesperson in Congress, in an act on October 8

Ten years later, a institutional statement to commemorate the 10 years since the end of the violence of AND it has become entangled in the hands of the Senate parliamentary groups to the point that it will not get out. The socialist group announced on Tuesday morning at the Board of Spokespersons its willingness to promote a text of conviction of the terrorist gang. So he said Eva granados, the spokeswoman, at the meeting. According to sources present, Javier Maroto, his PP counterpart, replied that it seemed like a good idea and that his party had also thought about it. However, as the hours passed, the socialists considered that the popular were “doing cheap politicking” with the matter and decided to stop it so as not to allow them to use “a sensitive issue” such as terrorism. “We do not want it to be instrumentalized“, affirmed sources of the socialist group.

The mess started in the middle of the morning. After Granados’ proposal, Maroto gave a press conference in which he assured that he hoped that this text would include an express condemnation of the band. “I am afraid that one or the other will not let them take that step. Or else the text presented by the socialist group it’s going to be decaf and it will not expressly include ETA’s condemnation of terrorism or Bildu will not support it “, declared Maroto. According to socialist sources, as soon as the attention with the media ended, Granados showed him the document and was ugly that he had sown that doubt when he had not even read it yet. These sources point out that “from minute zero” the word “sentence” had been included and they affirm that Maroto replied that he thought the text was fine.

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Today, more than ever, we must pay tribute to the victims terrorist violence and renew our support for them. But, also, this is an occasion to reiterate the sentence to ETA terrorism that should never have occurred, recognize the damage it caused, as well as to once again proclaim the superiority of the rule of law over barbarism “, can be read in one of the paragraphs of the socialist proposal.

The PP proposes to urge the Government not to agree with groups that resist condemning terrorism

However, the version of the conservatives is that the senator did not give the green light to that wording. Maroto’s team sources They did not rule out drafting their own one at night and trying to agree on it on Wednesday with the rest of the hemicycle.

Signed by all groups

For an institutional statement to be successful it must be signed by all groups. In this case, all the a priori focuses, leaving aside this clash between the PSOE and the PP, were going to be placed on Bildu since, on Monday, Arnaldo Otegi expressed his rejection of the most forceful violence of those who have carried out until now although he continued without condemning the murders.

In Congress, the PP also announced that it wanted an institutional declaration to be read in the same sense. and presented a non-legal proposal to urge the Government not to agree with parties that resist condemning ETA’s crimes. The gesture was also seen as a “use” of terrorism and led the PSOE to stop the declaration in the Senate.

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