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The PSOE trusts that the King will continue the renewal of the monarchy

Pedro Sánchez and King Felipe VI in a recent act

Pedro Sánchez and King Felipe VI in a recent act

The PSOE has valued this Friday the King’s “firm commitment” to ethical values that citizens demand and has trusted that Felipe VI will continue with the renewal of the democratic institution started from the beginning of his mandate. This was stated by the president of the Socialists, Cristina Narbona, in a message to the media to comment on the king’s Christmas Eve speech.

In it, the monarch remarked that “the moral and ethical principles” that citizens demand in the conduct of their public representatives “oblige everyone without exceptions” and they are “above any consideration, of whatever nature, even personal or family “.

Narbonne has highlighted the “firm commitment of the king to the ethical values ​​that citizens demand from the institutions”, which “are and should be above any personal or family circumstance“, as the monarch said.” We trust that, according to what he told us in his message, he will go ahead with the renewal of the monarchical institution started from the beginning of his mandate to convert the Parliamentary monarchy of our country in a 21st century institution to the full satisfaction of all citizens “, added Narbonne.

He also highlighted the message of solidarity and concern from the king for all the victims of the covid and for all those who have fought incessantly to face the pandemic, from health personnel to transporters, merchants, security forces or the Army.

According to Narbonne, faced with this very serious and exceptional situation, the king wanted to instill a message of confidence in the future and “in ourselves from a deep sense of individual responsibility and trust in our institutions and in our ability to overcome what we are experiencing.”

And for this, it is necessary work from unity and from democratic valuesWith respect for plurality and differences and with a desire for dialogue among others, the socialist leader has continued. If one goes in that direction, as the monarch stressed, it will be possible to continue on the path of recovery, for which the advancement of science in Spain and the rest of the world is also essential.

Married highlights the exemplary character of Felipe VI

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has praised the Christmas message of King Felipe VI, for being the speech of “hope and future” that in his opinion Spain needs, and has vindicated the work of the “monarch” and the “exemplarity” that when he was proclaimed he raised as a guide.

The opposition leader has shown his support for the monarch in the first person on Friday in a video released to the media, where he assures that “The Crown” is the “symbol” of “continuity and permanence“of Spain as a nation that must also remain” united. ”

It is the first time that Casado stars in the reaction of his party to the speech, a gesture with which he has sought to show his support for Felipe VI “after the succession of attacks by members of the Government itself,” as stressed from the leadership of the PP .

Casado has affirmed that the king’s message is the one that needs a “Spain that must follow walking united, strong“and” that he will not admit the aggressions of those who want to undermine a success story. “The leader of the opposition has defended the monarch by emphasizing that, when he was proclaimed,” he raised exemplarity as one of the guides of his reign ” , as well as the “defense of constitutional values ​​of harmony and coexistence” and “of progress and freedom.”

The president of the PP has also praised the “closeness” of the monarch and his “sensitivity with Spaniards who are having a hard time “due to the pandemic. And it has encouraged us to maintain hope in the future to recover” the best years we have enjoyed with our Constitution, our parliamentary monarchy and our democracy.

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