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The PSOE used an ERC amendment to camouflage transfers requested by Bildu




The PSOE introduced behind the scenes three assignments to EH Bildu valued at seven million euros in an amendment presented by ERC to the Budgets in Congress, later negotiated to achieve a ‘yes’ from both parties. These are three projects for the Basque Country and the Foral Community of Navarra and are reflected in the transaction of the amendment 5137 of the Republican Parliamentary Group.

The first is related to a cultural project proposed by the Pasaia City Council in the Luzuriaga factory, in Pasal-Antxo, by a value of 6 million euros. A favor that may not have satisfied the Basque socialists or the PNV, who rule in this town after reaching an agreement

after Bildu won the elections. The second is another smart digitalization and management project audiovisual in Basque, worth 500.000 euros; and a last one for the drafting and execution of the project of the variant of the NA400 as it passes through Lesaka, by other 500.000 euros. With the latter Bildu once again demonstrates his fixation with Navarra.

The first two have the concept of “actions in various local entities” and “actions in various Autonomous Communities”. The latter, on the other hand, is limited to the Navarrese community and none has any relationship with ERC. You can see Bildu’s hand on the last of the four pages of the amendment since the signature of Mertxe Aizpurua, spokesperson for this group, appears alongside the spokespersons for the Socialist Parliamentary Group of the Confederal Group -the coalition Government parties-, and ERC, as the promoter of the amendment.

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In addition, Aizpurua herself claimed these three issues at a press conference as Bildu’s claims, and all of them are reflected in the section on “Economic and territorial investments” of the political agreement for the 2022 Budgets that this party made public.

However, when asked why three claims by Bildu appeared within an ERC amendment, both the Socialists and the Basque group denied it at first. When this newspaper sent the amendment document to both groups, PSOE parliamentary sources denied the existence of a joint negotiation with ERC and Bildu. “It was negotiated with each one, but we did not go into explaining whether before, after or at the same time.” These sources limited themselves to explaining that “It has been technically done like this”, without further argument, and they clarified that the agreements with Bildu “were publicly known.”

The sources of the Basque group, after this initial denial, finally attributed the inclusion of their assignments among the ERC block to technical details that “escape them” and referred to the Ministry of Finance for clarification. However, they flatly denied that the Socialists asked them to hide their demands.

The PP accuses them of “cheating”

For their part, Popular Party sources consider that this maneuver responds to an attempt by the Socialists to “cheat Congress the final amount” ceded to the Basque independence activists. «For the Courts, those millions appear as transferred at the request of ERC not of Bildu, there is a deception to the parliamentarians», Insist from this group. And following this thread, they point to the PNV, which the socialists know they irritated tremendously by displacing it as a preferred partner and agreeing first than with the independentistas.

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The new accounts will pass their last test in the Senate today with their approval in plenary session without amendments, and will take effect on January 1.

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