Wednesday, December 1

The PSOE uses the budgets to mark territory to Belarra

Ione Belarra and Félix Bolaños.

Ione Belarra and Félix Bolaños.

Feathers are often lost in any negotiation. The pact of Budgets Come in PSOE and United we can is no exception. The two partners of the Government closed last Tuesday an agreement for future public accounts. The purple ones took heart by the housing law – they ripped the socialists some measures disputed for months – and by the upward reform of the corporate tax. But along the way, they had to give up some of their demands and The PSOE took the opportunity to ‘fleece’ the new leader of Podemos, Ione Grass, then Minister of Social Rights. The Socialists have flatly refused to guarantee extra funding for what will be two of its star measures, which it intends to have approved in a matter of weeks: the universal ‘baby check’ and the extension of maternity leave to six months.

Faced with the imminent processing of those who could be the last budget of the legislature -In the purple ranks there are those who see another agreement difficult next year due to the proximity of the elections-, the Socialists seem willing to dull their partners. Especially with Yolanda Diaz taking flight day after day in the polls, while preparing to face the labor reform. In any case, the first objective that has been put within reach to practice a slow and silent exhaustion has been the bill on family diversity and support for families that Belarra prepares.

In the budget negotiations of the last weeks, the purple ones tried to tie the financing to put in place all the mechanisms that the text raises. The PSOE did not give the go-ahead. The 400 million euros that are needed to extend the child benefit up to three years to all women who give birth in Spain, and not only those who are active in the labor market, has been left out of the Budgets. The investment to increase maternity leave from four to six months, too.

Assignments and jobs

This Wednesday, Belarra herself acknowledged the assignments that they have been forced to make due to the closure of their partners: “In a negotiation, everyone gives in a bit and this is a question that it is difficult for us to convince the PSOE.” Both issues of a marked social and popular nature have remained “on the table,” admitted the secretary general of Podemos. In the purple ranks they understand that their partners are trying to stop the action of United We Can so that Belarra could not join as much in addition to the housing law agreement.

Specifically, the Minister of Social Rights proposed expanding the allowance for children up to three years of age to all women. Currently, it is received by working mothers during the baby’s first three years of life, in the form of an annual tax deduction or with an income of 100 euros per month. In addition, both she and the person in charge of Equality, Irene Montero, wanted to extend paternity and maternity leave from four to six months, going beyond what is set the agreement who signed Pedro Sanchez and Pablo Iglesias in 2019.

Despite not having funding, the Ministry of Social Rights sees in both measures a “key piece” of the welfare state and will continue working on the bill with the aim of obtaining the approval of the Council of Ministers in the coming weeks . They put their confidence in making the necessary investment later. “We will not abandon it“, rematan.

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