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The PSOE will block the legalization of cannabis in front of the unity of its allies

The spokesperson for Más País Iñigo Errejón.

The Congress of Deputies is the ideal setting for the left parties show your sympathy or your suspicions. At a time when people talk almost all the time about “broad fronts” and “spaces of unity”, the parliamentary negotiations that lead the PSOE, United We Can, ERC or More Country they become a showcase with hundreds of outstanding eyes. The first sample has come from the hand of a bill presented by one of the leaders of this sector. Íñigo Errejón He will take a proposal to the plenary session of the Chamber this Tuesday to debate the regularization of the use and consumption of cannabis. But the PSOE will reject it and the initiative will come to nothing.

The leader of Más País was the most skillful with his proposal because he knew that Unidos Podemos and ERC had been thinking about how to face this demand for a long time. In fact, the environmentalist formation and that of the Catalan independentists talked a few weeks ago about the possibility of registering a joint text. It was not possible and Errejón anticipated. He registered it first and communicated that his quota of defense of laws before the plenary session of Congress, in the current session, would be just that of the cannabis law.

The PSOE creates suspense

Parliamentary sources have informed ‘The newspaper of Spain’ that the negotiations to ensure the consideration of the proposal intensified during the last hours of Monday. Little by little the support arrived. In this very initial phase of the parliamentary procedure, the basic thing is to guarantee that there will be a majority so that the proposal goes to the corresponding commission, where the work will take place to modify the embryonic text. Errejón, personally, began to do the round of contacts. ERC, EH Bildu, Compromís, JxCat, Canary Coalition, Nueva Canarias communicated their yes.

Discounting the popular group and the Basque group, Más País put all its energy into the “yes” of the PSOE

The PNV was unchecked, which was planned. It was not so much the endorsement of CitizensBut, as sources from this party indicate, they have already registered a non-legislative proposal (without legislative scope) in terms very similar to those of Más País.

Discounting the popular group and the Basque group, Más País put all its energy into the “yes” of the PSOE. The attempt with the Socialists was out of the question, because without them, Congress would not admit the proposal. The group that Héctor Gómez now leads was not very enthusiastic about the measure, at least with what he knew about her when Errejón introduced her. His position chose in principle to encourage the work of a subcommission, created a week ago at the request of the PNV, to widen the margin of cannabis for medicinal purposes. This is what he communicated to his allies: before assuming a bill, it is best to open the debate in said subcommittee. Open it in every way.

Private uses and a state agency

The objectives of the More Country measure are, broadly speaking, End legal insecurity, tackle the black market and allow the underground economy to flourish. For this, Errejón proposes, among other questions, legalize consumption on public roads within contours similar to those that affect tobacco, for example. It is estimated that more than three million people use cannabis regularly.

The bill covers a full range of uses of the cannabis, both in terms of consumption and marketing or transport. Also to cultivation. Thus, one of its first precepts regulates private uses, which are covered in all fields: planting, possession, transportation, storage, storage, consumption, shared consumption, research or development.

ERC spokesperson in Congress, Gabriel Rufián. EP

It stipulates the obligation to collaborate with the authorities in the inspections they carry out, although exceptions are regulated, such as that “administrative sanctions may not be imposed when the uses of regulated individuals (…) occur on public roads, unless they cause damage and damages to third parties, imply an abuse of the public domain or compromise the safety of other people, especially in the case of minors “.

In this line, Driving due to the mere presence of the substance will remain without penalty in the body, although it will be punished if the influence of said substance is found. There are also no penalties in the workplace if consumption occurs during the employee’s leisure time., although the employer may adopt the appropriate measures if the benefits associated with the job are affected.

The norm will regulate medicinal professional uses and will determine a special tax regime, so that the activity related to cannabis the State will obtain the consequent collection. Proponents estimate that it can amount to € 3 billion a year.

At the end of the provisional articles, Más País promotes the creation of the State Cannabis Agency, whose financing will come from the general budgets of the State. It will be in charge of the management and operation of the special registers for which the author of the initiative advocates.

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