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The PSOE wins time for an agreement that exonerates Fomento in the Spanair accident

The committee table and the spokespersons for the parliamentary groups agreed yesterday, at the request of the PSOE and United We Can, to delay the meeting of said parliamentary body for a week in order precisely to try to reach an agreement of conclusions “as consensual as possible” . Although the commission had planned to meet to debate and vote on the opinion and the amendments over the next week, the groups have agreed to delay it to the 20th, just two days before the end of the term granted for its operation. The final approval will take place in the plenary session of the Congress one or two weeks later. In this way, the groups have more time to try to close an agreement that, according to the PSOE, must comply with the legal report known yesterday, and therefore assume that the aspects that affect: the appointment of political responsibilities in the Ministry of Public Works, in Aena, and in the Barajas airport; and the request for the referral of the conclusions to the State Attorney General for possible “negligent conduct”Between the names indicated.

On Wednesday, the commission’s lawyer issued a “legal note” in which he assures that the conclusions of the parliamentary committees “must be exempt from any individualized assessment or imputation of illegal conduct or actions to those investigated,” because otherwise “There would be a violation of their right to honor,” according to a ruling by the Supreme Court in relation to a ruling from the Valencian Courts on the 2006 metro accident in the capital of that community, in which 43 people died.

In this way, the jurist in Congress rejects the fact that Meri Pita’s opinion proposal includes a list with 18 names that it points to as responsible for the “systemic failure” which led to the accident. The Congress attorney proposes to delete that point or, at least, to eliminate the individual references in the list of those responsible, “to avoid incurring in a violation of their fundamental rights and public freedoms.” It is also committed to withdrawing or modifying other points related to the intervention of the Prosecutor’s Office, with the recommendations in order to improve aviation safety in Spain, or on the mechanisms to enable the investigation of unclear facts surrounding the incident of flight JK5022 to be reopened.

Meri Pita’s proposed opinion includes a list of 18 names that she points out as responsible for the “systemic failure” that led to the accident in which 154 people died, most of them Canaries


The PSOE spokesperson in the Commission, Tenerife deputy Tamara Raya, considers that the lawyer’s report conforms in many respects to the amendments presented by her group to the draft opinion prepared by Pita, and that these will therefore be around the that the final text of conclusions should be sent. “We are going to try to make an alternative document, which is added and corrected as necessary taking into account the legal report.” The 22 amendments presented by the PSOE are the only ones that question the aspects of the draft opinion to which the corrections proposed by the commission’s lawyer refer, since the other amending groups – Cs, ERC, PNV and Vox – do not make any mention of those points. United We Can, PP and the Mixed Group (NC), have not presented amendments. Thus, Any agreement that can be reached in this regard will therefore be for a majority of groups to assume the socialist texts, or because amendments are agreed. This leads us to think that the Socialists could remain in the minority in the voting and that they would not prevent the conclusions from continuing to point to the Promotion leadership as responsible for the failures that were somehow at the origin of the accident, or that prevented it from being carried out. attend properly and in time to the wounded in the place where the plane crashed.

No entrenchments

The PSOE, however, assures that several groups have advanced their support for many of their amendments, and that the legal report made public must also condition the position of all of them. “Nobody can skip this report because it indicates the limits of action of a parliamentary commission in the terms established by the Constitutional Court”, Highlights Raya. The Tenerife company recognizes that it will be through the mechanism of transactional amendments with which agreements on the most controversial matters can be closed and that this must be done throughout this week and the next to reach the 20th with the agreed texts. Raya assures that the PSOE “is not entrenched in its positions and I assume that it will have to give in to reach agreements.”

Quevedo: “The worst thing that can happen to the commission is that it becomes a source of anger”


The NC deputy, Pedro Quevedo, points out that “the worst that can happen to the commission is that it becomes a source of anger” and is committed to seeking “a consensus” in the conclusions for which, according to him, “The draft opinion is a sensible proposal to be discussed.” He points out that “without the intention of sticking a finger in anyone’s eye”, the commission is entitled to point out political responsibilities, and to “prevent everyone from going out of his way.” One of the aspects on which Quevedo believes that the opinion should affect is the official claim to Boeing to provide the data that has been requested regarding the model of the plane that suffered the accident, the MD82.

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