Thursday, October 28

The PSPV raises the pressure for Mazón to take a position against transfuguismo

Ximo Puig and Carlos Mazón, meeting in the Palau with mayors and presidents of councils.  |  INFORMATION

Ximo Puig and Carlos Mazón, meeting in the Palau with mayors and presidents of councils. | INFORMATION

The PSPV has redoubled the pressure against Carlos Mazón from different spheres to force the public position of the provincial leader of the PP on the recent motion of censure that he has agreed with two non-attached councilors in Teulada. The Socialists have proposed to put the PP on the ropes so that Carlos Mazón makes a clear statement about his will to achieve mayoralties with the support of councilors who have separated from the discipline or have been expelled from their political party. The socialist positions of the province and the Community came out yesterday in a whirlwind to condemn the third motion of censure that the president of the Provincial Council, Carlos Mazón, has endorsed in just seven months. After that of La Torre de les Mançanes and Agres, the municipality of Teulada has become the focus of political controversy due to the collusion of the councilors of the PP and the PSPV – now expelled – to seize the Mayor’s Office from Compromís.

On the one hand, the PSPV, which has linked these practices to Zaplanism, has presented a proposal to the Cortes to request the creation of a monitoring commission for the Anti-transguismo Pact and for the approval of a Valencian pact against turncoats that reflects the prohibition of accept support in motions of censure or investiture supported by councilors who have been expelled from their party. Secondly, the Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces will debate next Tuesday an institutional statement for all the spokespersons -among which is Mazón- to express if they support the Anti-Transfuguism Pact. It is the same declaration of the federation at the national level that the PP already approved, but in this case adapted to the Valencian Community.

While the PSPV has expelled the two councilors of Teulada who have promoted this motion against Compromís, the provincial leadership of the PP, led by Mazón, has given the go-ahead to the operation claiming the ungovernability that exists in this municipality of the Marina Alta. They also add that Compromís has been governing with the support of two councilors expelled from Ciudadanos who skipped their own party discipline. Although Carlos Mazón has not wanted to comment on this issue, from the provincial PP they have recalled that councilor Raúl Llobel, who will be the mayor of Teulada if the motion is successful, was the most voted candidate in the last municipal elections.

Faced with the arguments put forward, the socialist leaders threw a slaughter yesterday against the PP and made it clear that they will mobilize to “portray” Mazón so that he is forced to vote, in this case in the Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, if you are in favor of the declaration against the defectors.

The Socialists have deepened in this controversy before the vote in favor of the PP to the Anti-Transfuguism Pact of the Government of Spain and its transfer to the declaration of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces for institutional stability. A position that, as they denounce, now contrasts with the motion of censure raised in Teulada and that will be put to a vote on March 2 to remove Rosa Vila (Compromís) from the Mayor’s Office.

But, in addition, the PSPV will take this issue to the Courts to extend the content of the agreements that are reached in the autonomous sphere to the provincial and local entities, as well as to study the possibility of approving an initiative for the dismissal of public positions turncoats who have not been elected by direct suffrage. The proposal also includes the creation of a follow-up commission for said agreement within the Valencian Parliament, where all political parties are represented, to adapt the state pact and supervise compliance with the agreement against transfuguism, in addition to transferring to the Federation Valenciana of Municipalities and Provinces, the provincial councils and the local entities the agreement so that they adhere. This initiative was promoted by the Secretary of Organization of the PSPV, José Muñoz, who denounced that “the PP is taking advantage of a practice that not only constitutes a democratic mockery of the popular will, but is considered corruption”, referring to the latter censure motions with defectors promoted by the PP. Therefore, he required all parties, “but especially the PP and its president in Alicante, Carlos Mazón”, to condemn these practices. Also the secretary general of the PSPV in the province, José Chulvi; the socialist spokesman in the Provincial Council, Toni Francés; and the president of the Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, Rubén Alfaro, yesterday asked the PP to focus on streamlining aid to minimize the effects of the covid and park partisan issues in the middle of the pandemic. «Carlos Mazón endorses the transfuguismo with his silence. It remembers the worst years of Zaplanismo that did so much damage in the province of Alicante, “said Chulvi.

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