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The PSUV primaries, the farce that hides the fingers of Cabello and Maduro

Correspondent in Caracas



Nothing new in PSUV primaries. This Sunday the base of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela lived an intense day to nominate the candidates who will participate in the regionals of the November 21, knowing that the last word will be with the leadership of the ruling party.

Both the president of the PSUV, Nicolas Maduro, like the vice president, God given hair, they took stock of the elections, ignoring the irregularities and traps that the inmates marked, as recorded by social networks in the 14,381 UBCH (Bolívar Chavez Battle Units), the cells of the political organization.

Cabello claimed that they had received more than 26,000 applications 30% of the vote, but that they had to exceed 35,000 pre-candidacies, highlighting that the decision on the 5,000 final candidates for the regionals would be taken by the party leadership.

“We have some complaints and, based on that, we will make the appropriate decisions”

Both Cabello and President Nicolás Maduro, who joined the press conference by telephone, confirmed the existence of “some complaints” by irregularities during the process and stressed that these would be verified.

“We have some complaints and, based on that, we will make the decisions that are pertinent to take,” said Cabello. “We have asked that the complaints have the necessary support to reach the end,” he added. In turn, Maduro assured that it is a “little problem” caused by a candidate.

Election irregularities

In reality, the irregularities in electing government candidates are nothing new. They are recorded from the time of the deceased Chávez, who always used the “finger” to impose on his favorites, including his comrades in arms.

The networks were filled with complaints. For example, in San Francisco, in the state of Zulia, the reporter Jhorman Cruz He mentioned some problems that the foundations of Chavismo presented. “There is a machine ready to prevent people from voting freely,” he said.

The chavista Elijah Head wrote on twitter: «The great disorganization of the UBCH shows that our organization must be restructured immediately. The UBCH did not call the assemblies for the nominations, only a tiny group attended. It is necessary to rectify ».

Another militant Pascaul MolinaHe complained about the lack of transparency: «UBCH, all square, I can’t keep quiet. They are the owners and they are the ones who decide. They don’t stop him, neither Nicolas nor Diosdado, but in Caracas they believe that they do the job and the candidates are always the same ».

Maduro: It was “a complete success”

The newspaper ‘El Nacional’ made an extensive report: Traps and irregularities in the PSUV primary nominations. According to the complaints published on social networks, there were some abuses such as the closure of centers, exclusion, arbitrary closing of tables and the existence of pre-marked ballots.

Maduro, for his part, affirmed that the decision to consult the rank and file of his militancy and allow them to run in assemblies was “a complete success.” The head of the de facto government needs to show that it was “a success” for international organizations to certify regional and local elections and thus get him lift the sanctions.

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