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“The public electricity companies are a failure and the proof is the one created by Colau”




The co-founder and president of Holaluz, Carlota Pi, “absolutely” discourages the creation of a public energy company in Spain as proposed by Podemos in the Government, because “you only have to see the company created by the Barcelona City Council with the money from all taxpayers and that has not got even 5,000 customers. Indeed, Barcelona Energía, the company promoted by Ada Colau in the metropolitan area, has achieved in three years 4,300 private clients, as was highlighted in the Barcelona plenary session on September 29, in which the votes of the Commons, ERC and PSC and the abstention of JpC prevented its closure as defended by the opposition, which describes the initiative as “failure.”

On the contrary, the Holaluz company has grown exponentially since its IPO two years ago, to exceed the 378,000 clients throughout Spain, at the rate of 30,000 new each quarter; a progression that its president, Carlota Pi, hopes to continue until reaching one million customers and 50,000 photovoltaic installations by the end of 2023. According to the company, the electric self-generation of solar panels allows a saving of up to 50% in the bill of the light, even without investment, since the company finances the facilities.

Reduce the megawatt / hour to 30 euros

Speaking to the “Converses” program of COPE Catalonia and Andorra broadcast this Saturday with the participation of ABC, the president of Holaluz assured that the rise in the price of electricity “is no surprise; You could see it coming and it will continue to rise ». The businesswoman considers “necessary” the measures that the Government has now adopted to stop the rise in the price of electricity, “because if you have a fever of 42 degrees it is good to take a Gelocatil, but that does not end the virus.” It has warned that «Spain is an electrical island with little interconnection with Europe » and that is why a firm commitment to renewable energies must be made. “Spain is one of the sunniest countries in the European Union, with 1,700 hours of sunshine a year, but there are fewer photovoltaic solar installations for domestic use than in the city of Brussels,” he explained.

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In this sense, Carlota Pi has pointed out that «in Spain there are 10 million roofs where photovoltaic installations could be made medium or small that would generate the equivalent of 50% of the current installed power ”. He has given the example of Vietnam, a country where in just over half a year they have installed solar panels on the roofs of their homes that generate the equivalent of electricity from seven nuclear power plants “and that has changed their economy.” The founder of Holaluz has added that if Spain does things well “we could go from records of 200 or 300 euros per megawatt / hour at a price of 30 euros.” Pi has even advanced that “having a photovoltaic installation at home is going to be as common in a few years as now having a mobile phone.”

Rooftop revolution

Carlota Pi has also lamented the «many obstacles»That clean energy companies have had to circumvent. “How many times have we heard that the major energy problems in Spain are the premiums for renewables – a totally false statement – or that renewables are a luxury that we cannot afford. All these are messages that have been sent for many years and we have had to invest ten years to turn it around. To accelerate what Pi calls the «rooftop revolution», it would be necessary to process the Next Generation funds already granted for this transformation of green energy more easily, and for the autonomous communities to also facilitate the installation of solar panels without a construction tax, as is already the case in eleven Spanish regions, including Catalonia and now Madrid as well.

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When asked about the extension of the El Prat airport, the president of Holaluz said that “it is a debate that does not interest her” and that currently “there is no technology company in Barcelona concerned about this issue.” Pi has concluded with a forceful statement: “politics is overrated.” And next, he assured that “the way to improve the world through the rooftop revolution depends on each family becoming a green energy hero from the couch and even without investing a euro, because we finance the facilities.”

Holaluz was the first European electric company in be certified with the B seal Corp that qualifies the companies as “the best in the world and for the world”, in addition to being the founder of the Conscious Capitalism movement in Spain and is ranked number 1 in the ESG world ranking of “Sustainalytics” electricity companies.

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