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The Punica judge will start 2021 with a ‘marathon’ of citations: 57 in two months

Facade of the National Court

Facade of the National Court

The judge of the National Court who instructs the Punic macrocause, Manuel García-Castellón, will start 2021 with a significant battery of citations in the framework of several separate pieces, until 57 statements between witnesses and those investigated throughout January and February.

The objective is to unravel, on the one hand, the plot that surrounded the hiring with public money of reputable jobs ‘online’ for positions of the PP – piece 10 – and, on the other, to take steps in the investigation of the plot that he looted, between 2002 and 2014, 15 million euros to teachers’ cooperatives in the construction of subsidized schools – part 11. Among those questioned there will also be people related to other pieces.

The ‘marathon’ of statements It will start on January 18 at 9.30 a.m., when the magistrate has cited as investigated the former mayor of Valdemoro Juan Carlos Boza, who was deputy minister of the Environment and vice-secretary of Territorial Organization of the Madrid PP, Miguel Ángel Valdepeñas, and Teresa Alonso-Matagranzas, communication director of the Alcobendas City Council.

A day later it will be the turn – also as investigated – of the former mayor of Denia Ana María Kringe Sánchez, her chief of cabinet Claudio José Reig López, and the former mayor of Castellón Juan Alfonso Bataller Vicent. On Wednesday, January 20, the judge summoned two witnesses, Carlos Borrego and Almudena García Delgado, as well as the experts Luis Sainero and José Miguel Martínez.

On Thursday 21 it will continue with a round of witnesses and it will be the turn of María Isabel Orozco, César Cimbrón, María Rosalía Ramos Fúnez and Miguel Merelo Gallego. The following week, on Monday, García-Castellón will listen to the former mayor of Majadahonda Narciso de Foxa and the one who was deputy manager of the Madrid Development Institute (IMADE) between 2005 and 2011, Álvaro de Arenzana – formerly the singer Raphael.

Ferrón del Río, on January 26

On Tuesday, January 26, Ricardo Godino Marqués, María Pilar Echeverría García and Alberto Roldán Galán will also declare as investigated, and on the 27th will arrive the statement of one of the main investigated in piece 11, Alfonso Ferrón del Río. Ferrón is accused of being the owner of the promoter Alfedel.

According to the judge’s order opening this separate piece in September 2019, the company established cooperatives to promote the construction of subsidized schools and it demanded broad powers from the cooperative members to manage the project, from authorization to contract services to signing the bank accounts to pay them.

This is how Ferrón charged them false invoices issued by other companies in the plot – those of David Marjaliza and José Luis Capita, both investigated – and obtained the money with which he would later pay commissions and gifts to technicians and politicians while he “was sought enormous benefits “, to the point that his wife has ended up being charged for emerging in the form of luxuries this money of illicit origin.

That same January 27, Antonio Martín Jiménez and businessman David Marjaliza Villaseñor will declare. On January 28, the investigated José Luis Capita, the director of Obrum Javier Aldavert Piñol and Yolanda Sanchís Sánchez will pass through the National Court.

More statements in February

In the month of February, the statements began on the 1st with the businessmen Ángel Bravo Moneo, Ignacio Medina Bayo and Javier Castrillo Díaz, who appear as investigated. The judge will close the week by listening to a dozen witnesses summoned in the framework of piece 11 of the ‘Púnica’ case, who will appear between February 2 and 4.

The magistrate will take up the statements two weeks later, specifically on February 15 with the witness Enrique Carlos Bilbao Jiménez, although on this day he will also hear one of those investigated in piece 10 of ‘Púnica’, Abel Linares Palacios, a worker from one of the the companies of the considered ‘achiever’ of Punic, Alejandro De Pedro.

Between February 16 and 18, another dozen witnesses will pass through the National Court, concluding the subpoenas on February 22, for when Javier Cid Sicluna, brother of the builder Ramiro Cid Sicluna, and the businessman Faustino Soriano Atencia, investigated in the separate piece number 4 of the macrocause related to the urban plan in Valdemoro (Madrid) between 1999 and 2014.

That same day, the former PP deputy in the Valencian Courts and Gandía councilor, Víctor Soler Beneyto, will also declare as investigated in the tenth piece of the case.

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