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The purchase of second-hand homes grows 4% in Mérida

Sign for the sale of a property on El Puente street, yesterday morning. / JM ROMERO

The high rental price together with the high demand and low supply has led to an increase in sales

This 2002 is proving to be a good year for the real estate market in Mérida. So was the previous one. Many residents of Mérida, after the pandemic, decided to move to homes that had a balcony or patio for fear that it would return to confinement. For this reason, the real estate market, especially second-hand, has grown between 4% and 5% so far this year, estimates the sector in the capital of Extremadura.

A report from the BBVA bank indicates that the sale of housing so far this year in all Spanish regions exceeds that of 2019. These acquisitions have already grown even more in the past 2021.

According to Manuel Cabrera, manager of the Viprés real estate agency, this year more houses have been bought than rented. “The rent is through the roof, there is a lot of demand but little supply, not much is built,” Cabrera told HOY. In addition, he adds, those who move to another home prefer to sell it rather than rent it to other people.

The profile of clients who come to the real estate agency to buy are people between 30 and 40 years old who are looking to acquire their first home. The real estate manager looks favorably on the last quarter of the year since he expects “the market to remain stable or sales to increase.”

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Many students and professors approach the Exclusivas Juan Antonio real estate agency looking for rental housing to establish themselves during the academic year. Juan Antonio López, his manager, explains that this summer the real estate market is very calm and that, in addition, there is a lot of demand for home purchases. “Those who come closest are couples between 35 and 40 years old with small children who are looking for single-family houses to move into,” explains López.

His forecast for the housing market until the end of the year is uncertain, since he expects them to be good in recent months, but concludes that “with the rise in Euribor it will make it difficult for many people to decide to buy or rent,” he emphasizes.

With the current economic situation and, especially after the pandemic, many clients are launching themselves into home purchase promotions with a large balcony for fear of a new confinement due to the pandemic.


Blanca González was initially renting an apartment, but was looking to buy. In October 2019, she found a renovated apartment on the internet from a private individual who was managing the sale by a real estate company for 50,000 euros, a bargain at this time due to the economic situation. “I decided to pay the mortgage in fixed installments and I am happy about it, since I did not know that prices and interest would rise so much,” says González.

His family is currently trying to sell a 300-square-meter, two-story house near the Los Milagros aqueduct that belonged to a relative. It’s getting complicated. “In the first real estate agency that we went to manage the sale, they told us that we had to lower the price, since many people complained about this and because they had to reform the house, and because the prices of the flats are skyrocketing,” explains González. .

Seeing this panorama, they decided to change the agency so that someone could buy this property.

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