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The purchase of the morning after pill skyrockets in the US, but: What are they and how do they affect our body?


American women are rushing to the pharmacy to fill their medicine cabinets with these pills, but how do you get them in Spain? How many times can I take them and what are the risks?

Protest for the right to abortion in the US in front of the Supreme Court in WashingtonLENIN NOLYEFE
  • USA Life in prison for anyone who helps cause an abortion
  • America The US Supreme Court strikes down the right to abortion

After 49 years,abortion in the United States is no longer universal, after the Supreme Court issued a sentence in which it gave power to the states to make their own decision on whether or not to allow the interruption of pregnancy. A decision that has been legal throughout the country since 1973 and that each State could limit it, but without prohibiting it. Now yes. In fact, of the 50 states in the country, nine have prohibited termination of pregnancy, as is the case of: Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah and Wisconsin.

What is happening with the morning after pill in US pharmacies?

In this swing of policies, permissions or prison sentence for those who help a woman to interrupt her pregnancy,morning after birth control pills –plan b pills, in the US – have kept the door ajar. Americans have flocked to their trusted pharmacies to stock up on these ‘just in case’ kits. so much that some drug chains have limited the number of purchases per person, temporarily, to ensure equitable access to this medicine.

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The product, which until a few days ago could be bought easily and without a prescription for 50 euros, now the pharmacy chain Rite Aid has restricted the purchase to three units per customer in its more than 2,500 pharmacies throughout the American continent.

in pharmacies cvs, some 9,900 throughout the country, there had been a increase in sales since the Supreme Court ruling a few days ago. This chain also decided to impose a limit per customer to ensure equitable access, but there are others with sufficient stock, such as supermarkets. Walgreen’swhere there has been no limitation in access to the emergency contraceptive pill.

How is the emergency contraceptive pill used?

The emergency contraceptive pill, as its name suggests, is an emergency method. Let’s say that it consists of “the opportunity that a woman has to prevent a pregnancy after having had a runprotected sexual intercourse or in which you have not been adequately protected,” Explain Isabel Silva-Reus Vice President of the Spanish Society of Contraception (SEC).

There are currently two types of pill: levonorgestrel and ulipristal acetate. Regarding the action of levonogestrel, the most used, “what it does is delay ovulation, in addition to influencing the mortality of the sperm and its ability to reunite with the egg”, details the gynecologist.

Is there a limitation in taking?

In fact, the limit on the number of feedings throughout life is a myth. “Levonorgestrel can be safely taken up to several times in a month,” adds the specialist. Although that is not the message. When a woman usually resorts to this method of contraception, the professional should advise her. “Whether it’s from the SEC or from any center, we must offer women different contraceptive methods and recommend the one that best suits their sexual life”, Elizabeth explains.

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The morning-after pill cannot stop being what it is, “an emergency resource to resort to when the condom or another method has failed,” he points out.

The effectiveness of this pill is high, but it has very marked times. “It is important to take it during the first 24 hours after unprotected intercourse, at this time, its effectiveness is 95%”, warns the doctor. This percentage decreases as sexual intercourse progresses away. “If it is used within the next 24 or 48 hours, its effectiveness decreases. 85%,” he adds.

The effective time limit for this remedy is 72 hours after intercourse. “If the pill is ingested within 48 or 72 hours, its percentage is 58%,” he concludes.

Throughout life there is no limitation or consequence, but the message should not be confused. “That its use is safe, does not make it a frequent option”, warns the vice president of the SEC.

When a woman uses her a lot it is important make you aware of the different contraceptive possibilities that exist, “And thus avoid the risk that the professional you go to will have problems giving it to you and thus put the effectiveness of the pill at stake,” he says.

Currently there is a whole range of options to enjoy sexual relations in a calm and safe way. “The woman must know them and choose the one that best suits her sexual life”he adds.

The dreaded side effects

As in everything, the prospect is infinite since it includes all the possibilities throughout its history, but, in this case “they vary according to the person”, explains the gynecologist.

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The most frequent are a abdominal pain or even nausea. Although there is no reason. In addition, “in consultation we warn you that there may be a bleeding three days after taking it, out of the cycle”, warns Isabel.

As for nausea, in the event that the discomfort reaches more, “and the woman vomits, she should wait a bit and take another pill in the case of having returned it before three hours from the intake”, he details. Although it does not usually happen, he adds.

In addition, you must take into account that during this period, the cycle may arrive on your date or even earlier.

How is it accessed in Spain?

In Spain, women can go to the Social Services Centers where they offer attention on sexual and reproductive health or in the Continuous care points (PAC), and if not, “at the pharmacy you can request it without the need for a prescription”, concludes the doctor.

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