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The quality of the air in your car is important. Here is the smartest portable air purifier for cars, HENiR

What about the air quality inside the car?

The importance of air quality is widely recognized today. We are much more aware of the dust and viruses that may be surrounding and polluting us through the air than before after the rise of the global pandemic. Many people use air purifiers for their homes, but now many people are concerned about the quality of the air inside cars even though they spend a lot of time in the car, traveling and traveling.

Not surprisingly, cars are full of micro-dust and chemicals generated by the materials inside cars. Using the air conditioner makes it worse. The pollutants will flood into your car and eventually into your mouth and nose. Simply put, you cannot be safe from polluted air in the car.

Meet HENir, the best air purifier for cars.

Although we need to purify the air in the car, there are no suitable products for that. Most air purifiers on the market are too big and heavy, making it difficult to move around and use in the car. That is why this product has been brought to the world. Meet HENir, the best air purifier for cars.

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‘HENiR’ adopted a sleek and slim spiral design to fit perfectly into a car cup holder. The main body frame of the device is designed with air holes on the sides, so users do not worry about spills and liquids on it. (Since it would not break the device due to a blocked top surface) So have your drink while driving; Not a problem with ‘HENiR’!

The UV-C LED is effective in inactivating the coronavirus.

‘HENiR’ removes dust and ultra-fine dust, bacteria and viruses with its powerful 8000 RPM wind power and UV-C LED wavelengths. UVC radiation can destroy the outer protein layer of the Coronavirus and eventually leads to inactivation of the virus.‘HENiR’ provides powerful sterilization by applying a layer of copper fiber to its filter for the first time in the world.

The LED UV-C air purifier, ‘HENiR’ sterilizes the air in three cycles. It is the most perfect air purifier with the world’s first copper fiber filter, HEPA and UV-C filter. ‘HENiR’ is not only effective in purifying the air inside cars, but also in offices, on desks, kitchens, etc. It can be safely left standing and its simple design allows it to fit anywhere without any hassle.

HENir, the world’s first

‘HENiR’ is the “First in the world” in its filters, sterilization and fragrance. Its filters are made from the finest copper fibers, UV-C LED sterilized and installed with a perfume cartridge for the first time in the world. This is the first try, a revolution in air purifiers and what makes HENir different. The closed environment of the interior of the car can produce an unwanted odor and can cause nausea when traveling for a long time. HENiR’s fragrance cartridge will be the solution and freshen the air inside your cars!

Furthermore, ‘HENiR’ can check air quality directly and more efficiently with its LED monitors in real time. With SHARP’s smart PM2.5 sensors that calculate air quality, the density of dust particles in the air is displayed numerically.

Air purification in four steps

Step 1. Pre-filtering

Large particles, such as hair follicles, can contaminate the HEPA filter when it becomes clogged. To collect larger particles and keep them clean and pure, ‘HENiR’ is layered with a pre-filter on top of the HEPA filter.

Step 2. Copper fiber filter

There were constant problems where dust and germs replicate on the filters where they were selected. To solve these problems, we applied copper fibers to filters for the first time in the world. ‘HENiR’ is much safer than pre-existing sterilizing filters in air purifiers due to its absence of heavy metals and harmful substances.

Step 3. HEPA filter 13

A HEPA 13 filter is a high quality filter used in sterile operating rooms or unfavorable pressure isolation rooms in hospitals. We have completed strict safety experiments to provide cleaner and safer air for our users.

Step 4. UV-C LED

The leading air purification technology that ‘HENiR’ has applied is the UV-C LED. UV-C has the most important sterilization ability among UV wavelengths and prevents bacteria and other microbial organisms. Sterilize virus less than 0.3 μm, the HEPA filter cannot filter.

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